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Is Your House Infested by Termites? | Portland Pest Control

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Termites may be infesting your home or your yard without you even knowing of their presence. These pests feed on cellulose, which is available in a number of things found in almost all homes including furniture, wood, dead trees and even books. Even your house foundations are not safe from a termite infestation, so you need to know how to be safe from these.

Signs That Termites May Be Infesting Your Home 

If you are on the lookout for termites, a number of telltale signs include spotting a swarm of winged insects around the house or the soil outside and noticing mud tubes on wooden beams, exterior walls and crawl spaces. Another way of determining that you are suffering from a termite infestation is by tapping on wood. If it sounds hollow, chances are that you need a pest exterminator. 

How to Protect Your Home against Termites

If you want to secure your home and prevent termites from infesting it, follow these two steps. 

Get Rid of Moisture –Make sure that your home is moisture-free. For that, make sure that A/C units, water pipes and leaking faucets remain repaired. Discouraging any kind of water retention on the roof and regularly cleaning downspouts and gutters also stop termites from infesting homes. Finally, clean your vents and clear wood mulch just in case. 

Regularly Check the Food Sources of Termites – For discouraging termite growth, possible areas that may serve as a food source for termites should be regularly checked. These include wooden fences along with decks. You should also properly get rid of any debris and stumps near your home. Moreover, make sure that paper, lumber and firewood are kept away from both crawl space and foundation.

Termites are called silent destroyers for a reason. Therefore, before they damage your possessions and make your home unlivable, take the necessary precautions to keep them at bay. If, however, you do get termites, the best thing you can do is contact a professional and have them get rid of these pests in a professional way. Just do not wait long or else you may be at the risk of losing your possessions. 

Is Your House Infested by Termites? | Portland Pest Control IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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