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Antworks Pest Control is highly certified in taking care of residential and commercial pest problems. Whether it’s a small ant infestation to a large hornets nest, Antworks will do an exceptional job of removing the problem. They have a mission to provide the best customer service, while providing the best pest removal and control.

See ants on your kitchen counter? How about other troublesome pests? You can now use your Alexa, Bixby, or Google Home to call us! Just say “Call Antworks Pest Control” and we’ll get you setup with an appointment to control your pests!

Ant Control Technician spraying for ants in Portland OR and Vancouver WA


See how our method gets rid of ants for good!

Pest Control Services

Listed below are the pests we here at Antworks have the ability and knowledge to remove from a home or business. Each link offers common questions such as how to prevent or get rid of certain pests. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Ant Extermination Services provided by Antworks Pest Control

Ant Exterminators

Ants aren’t simply a nuisance, some ants can contaminate food or cause destruction to your home like Carpenter ants. We can provide effective treatment approaches customized to meet your needs and your budget.

Bed bug Extermination Services provided by Antworks Pest Control

Bed Bugs

Once a person has come into contact with bed bugs, they can carry them with them wherever they go. Whatever contains the bed bug infestation must be treated immediately of so it doesn’t contaminate other items in a home or business.

Cockroach Extermination Services provided by Antworks Pest Control

Cockroach Exterminators

Having a cockroach infestation is a big problem. We have years of experience with cockroaches and we know exactly how to treat them. We’ll eliminate your cockroach infestation quickly, effectively, and for good!


Flea Exterminators

Dogs and cats quickly becoming a food source and breeding ground for the hapless pests. If ignored, a small flea problem could multiply in magnitude. Taking care of flea problems outdoors is one of the first steps in flea control.

Hornet Extermination Services provided by Antworks Pest Control

Hornet Exterminators

Hornets create nests in corners of porches, garages, and sheds. When aggravated, they sting people. For people with severe allergies to hornets, it can be deadly to come into contact with them.

Mosquito Extermination Services provided by Antworks Pest Control

Mosquito Exterminators

Many homeowners and business owners contact mosquito exterminators’ removal and control services to take care of mosquito population control for them. They don’t want to risk getting stung, and dealing with the risk of illness and disease.

Pantry Pest Extermination Services provided by Antworks Pest Control

Pantry Pest Exterminators

Any kitchen space can become infested with a pest, but pantries are especially prone. With a few preventative measures, you can keep your pantry clean and pest-free.

Rodent Extermination Services provided by Antworks Pest Control

Rodent Control

Rodents can squeeze through the smallest of spaces, so they can easily gain entry into your home. Rodents are known for spreading viruses and bacteria and creating damage.

Potted indoor plants on sunny home windowsill - Antworks Pest Control provides springtails extermination, control, & removal services in Portland OR & Vancouver WA.

Springtails Exterminators

Springtails are small nuisance pests commonly mistaken for fleas. If you’re dealing with springtails, our pest control experts can help!

Spider Extermination Services provided by Antworks Pest Control

Spider Exterminators

Spiders find their through cracks in the foundation, tears in screen doors, and gaps between windows and window frames. We’ll take care of your spider problem.

Cockroach Extermination Services provided by Antworks Pest Control

Termite Exterminators

Termites are among the most destructive pests. It’s best to contact skilled termite control professionals of a reputable company. We guaranteed fast removal.

Box elder bugs on side of house in Vancouver WA - Antworks Pest Control

Box Elder Bug Exterminators

Box elder bugs are a common pest here in the Pacific Northwest. Our exterminators have extensive experience with box elder bugs, and can help get rid of them fast.

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Our Pest Control Service Plans

Check out our range of services for home defense and extermination. One of our certified and skilled employees will carry out an inspection, and make recommendations or prepare your home for a full extermination.

Initial Treatment

We use proven, effective pest control methods to rid your house or commercial building of any single pest from the following list:

Our methods for eliminating these pests are so effective, we guarantee that pest will be gone with an Initial Treatment–or we’ll come back at no cost within your warranty period!

Regular Service Program

After your initial treatment, we can keep targeted general pests out of your home, year-round, by performing pest treatment four times a year. We offer this for all local pests that we treat for, including:

This extended general pest treatment plan is the best way to ensure your house is pest-free and protected against future pest problems.

Our Most Intensive Plan

This treatment plan is for customers (often in rural areas) who need a more comprehensive treatment regimen. This treatment plan can consist of 4-6 treatments or inspections a year.

By treating your home year-round, we can make sure your house is protected through the seasons. During warmer months, we can treat your structure every two months.

Dependable Pest Management

Antworks Pest Control is a team of people dedicated to taking a different approach to pest management.

We not only provide exceptional customer service, but we take a different approach in how to deal with pest problems. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices have become a staple for us in better understanding how to solve pest problems in the long run. By practicing IPM, we can assess each infestation to ensure that we take the correct approach in how to handle it. Many times infestations can have the same type of pest, but may require different tactics on how to remove and keep them at bay.

We’re not just a pest control service. We specialize in ants, and our long tradition in providing best quality protection, extermination and home defense is one of the best in the USA. We know what we’re doing and we do it well.

5 Star Pest Control Reviews at Antworks Pest Control

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“Always do a great job. Helpful, courteous no matter who you are taking to. Super good at listening to you!! Have used them, I believe for over 10 plus years, in two different homes. Also have them do my wasp problem this year. Assume I will be just as happy as with the ant problem. A very trustworthy business!!!”
– Sharon East

Quality Pest Control for Peace of Mind

We thrive in treating each case as an individual and take our knowledge and experience to build the best plan for what we may be up against. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Serving both sides of the Columbia and Willamette in the Portland Metro area.

There are eight major species of nuisance ant in the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington areas and we’ve got your remedy for all of them.