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Early Spring Clover Mites

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Tiny red clover mite on black surface. Antworks serving Vancouver WA and Portland OR talks about early spring clover mites in the Pacific Northwest.Clover mites are those tiny red pests you may have seen feasting on clovers. These arachnids are most troublesome in the spring — and unlike most pests, they actually prefer cooler temperatures.

If you have clover mites around your home, don’t be too alarmed, they aren’t dangerous. They don’t bite, they won’t cause damage to your home, and they don’t infest food. They are simply a nuisance because they typically infest in large numbers.

What Are Clover Mites?

Clover mites are considered arachnids — like spiders and ticks. They have a bright reddish body and are about the size of a pinhead when full grown. One distinguishing characteristic is its very long front legs. They extend forward like antennae.

Clover mites feed on sap from clovers and grass and are very abundant on well-fertilized lawns. You may find clover mites around your window frames, underneath siding, and on your home’s foundation, because these pests like to lay their eggs in crevices.

How Do I Prevent Clover Mites?

There are several steps you can do to prevent clover mites from invading your home.

  • Trim back shrubs that are close to your home
  • Remove any thick grass or weeds away from your home
  • Seal off any potential entry points like cracks in your foundation and window frames
  • Consider applying gravel or some form of mulch around your foundation
  • Don’t over-fertilize your lawn

If clover mites are a real concern for you, you may also want to contact your local pest control company. They will apply a treatment around the perimeter of your home to help prevent clover mites from gaining access into your home.

Getting Rid of Clover Mites

Clover mites often leave a red stain when crushed, so you may want to use a vacuum cleaner instead to get rid of clover mites. If you have a larger clover infestation around your home, you may want to contact a licensed pest control technician to eliminate the problem.


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