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Common pests that can invade homes in the Portland area.

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Portland Oregon is a beautiful area. It is filled with breathtaking views of waterfronts, forests and mountains. Residents of the area have an inviting mixture of terrain and environments that can come with both benefits and challenges. Each season can present a unique challenge in pest management, in particular the spring time. Well trained Portland pest control companies can help residents manage and prevent infestations from the usual suspects such as termites, spiders, roached, rodents, as well as the following common pests of the area. Of any potential pests, these are the most nuisance causing ones you don’t want to mess around with by trying to get rid of them on your own.

They sneak in during the fall and emerge in spring; the box elder bug.

Ask any Portland pest control company what is one of the biggest Spring complaints and they will tell you it is the box elder bug. While it may have other names, such as maple bug or the zug, these infamous red and black beetles make their way inside when the weather begins to turn cold. When Spring roles around they emerge in droves and can be quite the nuisance. Their sneaky nature and tendency to find the deepest, darkest, and hardest to reach nooks and crannies to settle down in for hibernation can make them a challenging pest. The key to controlling them is taking preventative measures to keep them from getting in.

Another common pest is the ant.

Aside from the emergence of pesky beetles, various species of ants tend become more of a problem during Spring. According to Portland pest control companies, the top three species that pester residents are carpenter, odorous, and pharaoh ants. Carpenters can be the most annoying because they damage wood and compromise the integrity of structures. Odorous ants, also called sugar ants, love sweets and give off a horrible stench when squashed. Pharaoh ants can be especially hard to get rid of without professional help because they don’t need to swarm to create new colonies. Their response to when people try to destroy the colony with over the counter products is to start making more colonies. If not handled correctly a small problem can grow quite large, very quickly.

One of the most annoying pests in the Portland area is the bedbug.

Bedbugs have become an increasing problem all over the country. When it comes to dealing with them, most people have learned that using a Portland pest control company works best. These nasty little things are an extreme nuisance and can survive up to an entire year without eating. This means that if they get inside furniture, even if its not used for a while, there is a chance that can re-emerge when the conditions are suitable for them. Warm weather tends to drive them to search for more food, so Spring and Summer are prime seasons to see larger infestations crop up. They spread quickly and require a lot of work to get rid of. Of any potential pests, these are ones you don’t want to mess around with by trying to get rid of them on your own.

Common pests that can invade homes in the Portland area. IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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