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Causes of Cockroach Infestation

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Reasons why you have cockroaches in Portland OR and Vancouver WACockroaches have survived on this planet for millions of years, making them especially resilient and difficult to eradicate. In years past, cockroaches were considered a sign of uncleanliness, but we now know that these annoying invaders can appear in even the cleanest of homes and businesses.

So, before you throw up your hands in embarrassment and decide you can never entertain guests again, consider the reasons why you have cockroaches, as well as how to get rid of them quickly and easily.

Why Do You Have Cockroaches?

While cockroaches do thrive in places where food is readily available, such as in kitchens where food crumbs may not be swept up frequently, they most likely did not just appear there overnight.

Cockroaches are very adept at hitching a ride in the least-expected places. They are frequently carried into homes via grocery bags or in sacks of vegetables, such as potatoes. They can also find their way into luggage in hotel rooms, or into shopping bags or totes.

So, if you see a cockroach, it does not mean that you are a poor housekeeper. It just means that a new visitor has arrived.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, for every cockroach you see, there are many that you don’t see. These invasive insects are adept at laying eggs and multiplying quickly if they are not stopped as soon as they are spotted.

What Should I Do If I See a Cockroach?

While there are a multitude of roach sprays and other over-the-counter pesticides available, they are often ineffective and must be used with great care, especially around food, children, and/or pets.

For complete eradication of cockroaches, the best course of action is to contact a professional exterminator. These trained professionals understand the living and breeding habits of cockroaches, and know how to inspect your premises to determine the extent of infestation.

After inspecting the property, the exterminator, who is licensed to use stronger pesticides than those available to consumers, will treat the premises to kill all cockroaches as well as their eggs. Repeat applications can be made if necessary, but catching the problem early will help the exterminator eradicate the pests the first time.

While the question of why you have cockroaches may not be as horrific as you think, the question of how to get rid of them is entirely up to you.

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Reasons Why You Have Cockroaches IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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