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What Causes Ant Infestations?

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The main reason why ants are entering homes is their search for food. The most logical solution to prevent their appearance is to keep your home clean. Those who want to protect themselves from ant infestations should especially take care about their kitchen and make sure that it is cleaned regularly. However, in some cases ants start entering our homes even though we are taking good care about the hygiene. This can be a huge problem and in most cases it is difficult to solve it. These tiny insects are real workers and they are ready to do everything they can in order to achieve their goals – to find food. Ants can easily enter the smallest holes in your apartment or house and build their colonies/nests there. This is the start of a real invasion on your home. They use these colonies to begin their quests for food. We can often see these colonies outside the places where we live and there is nothing wrong about these colonies because ants are part of our eco-system. But when they start to build colonies inside our homes and try to live with us and that’s when the real problems begin.

Ant infestations can be divided in two types – exterior infestations and interior infestations. Although the main reason for the appearance of both types of infestation is the ants’ attempt to find food they can be treated differently and they differently affect our everyday lives. 

In case of an interior infestation, we are talking about ants that are building their colonies/nests inside the home. As we have mentioned before ants are looking for small holes or any discrete space that they find suitable to build their nest – for example small cracks in the wall can give them access to large areas behind the wall, places behind door frames, behind pieces of furniture that we don’t move frequently etc. This type of infestation can be very serious, because besides their constant presence in our homes they can also produce significant damage to our home by using wood and other materials that are necessary to build a stable nest. If they are not eliminated on time, these nests can constantly grow and cause even more damage.

Exterior infestations are not that serious but they can still cause trouble. In this case, ants are building their colonies out of the home and they are usually located in the ground. You can easily spot their presence by finding an anthill. Exterior infestations can be easily tracked because ants create a trail that leads from your home back to their colony. Ants can also be found under porches, piles of wood (especially if the wood is wet) and many other places.

There are many ways to prevent ant infestations. First of all, keep your house clean and keep your food locked. Find small holes and cracks in the walls and plug them. If you see only one ant in your home it means that it is there to observe the terrain. 

However once infestation begins, the best thing to do is to call a professional ant control service which can help you eliminate ants and prevent their appearance in the near future. 

What Causes Ant Infestations? IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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