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Bed Bugs: When to call an Expert

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Bed Bugs, Eggs and Nymphs Found On Bed Slate. Antworks Pest Control, serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA explains when to call a bed bug expert.Bed Bugs are a real-life nightmare. These minuscule pests not only leave you with itchy red marks, but they’re also very difficult to eliminate since they can withstand extreme temperatures.

With May being Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, we at Antworks would like to bring attention to bed bugs since they’re a common trigger of allergies and peak during this time of year.

How Exterminators Get Rid of Bed Bugs

At the first sign of bed bugs, it’s important to contact a professional exterminator. There are no DIY remedies that compare to the results an expert can bring. And since bed bugs are nocturnal, an infestation can grow unnoticed.

A professional bed bug expert will inspect your home to determine the severity of your infestation and locate the pests. Despite their name, bed bugs also hide behind baseboards, in nightstands, in wall art, behind electrical outlets, and more. They live close to wherever their host congregates. So if you move to your sofa or another bedroom, they will follow you and create new colonies.

After your exterminator locates the bed bugs, they’ll create a plan for treatment. This can include tenting and fumigation, pesticides, heat treatments, and freezing treatments. Every company is different.

These treatments will not only kill active bed bugs, but they’ll also kill their eggs. Once the treatments are complete, your bed bug exterminator may schedule a follow-up to determine if the treatment was a success at the first go-around or if re-treatment is necessary.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

The best way to treat a bed bug infestation is with prevention of course! These tiny pests don’t jump or fly, but they will latch onto things, becoming stowaways on your clothing, purses, and luggage. This is why bed bugs spread so quickly during peak travel times such as spring break and summer vacation.

Take the following steps to help prevent a bed bug infestation while traveling.

  • Use dark, plastic luggage. It’s harder for bed bugs to latch onto a slippery surface
  • Alternatively, wrap your luggage in a plastic trash bag
  • Inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bugs and contact management if you suspect an infestation
  • Fully inspect your luggage before unpacking on your return home
  • Wash all clothing and fabrics, even those that haven’t been worn in hot water

Bed Bug Exterminators in Portland OR

No one wants bed bugs in their home, but they aren’t always easy to identify and locate. If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, contact your local pest control company like Antworks. We’re an environmentally conscious pest control company that’s been serving the Portland and Vancouver metro area for years. Contact us today for your free estimate!

Bed Bugs: When to call an Expert IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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