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August Spiders Create a Sticky Situation in Vancouver, Washington

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Unless the light is just right, you never see the spiders, but you certainly feel those sticky strands on your face or uncovered arms and legs. Yep, you’ve walked into yet another garden spider web. And as you peel the gluey threads off, you think, now where did the spider go?

Our Late Summer Spider Invasion

Right around late July or early August, it seems that spiders are everywhere in Vancouver, both inside and outside your home. That’s because they are. All told, Southwestern Washington is home to about 500 types of spiders. They hatch in the spring and we don’t see much of them for a while, partly because they’re small, but mainly because they’re hiding from predators. By August, the survivors are big enough to be the hunters themselves.

Orb spinners get busy spinning those webs you walk into while funnel weavers create dense mats in the grass and low lying plants. Inside the house cobwebs appear in windows and corners as house spiders ply their trade. It’s a busy time for the spiders; they need to catch food, find a mate, and get eggs laid by fall, before they die.

Spiders Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing

Nearly all Washington spiders are harmless and most do a lot of good by eating mosquitos and other insects. The problem comes when hoards of spiders set up house in or around your home. To some, these arachnid acrobats are downright creepy, unwelcome guests, and walking into their webs is not a fun experience. To others, they’re a nuisance whose webs and cobwebs create constant housework. As well, there is the threat of an occasional bite, especially from the Hobo spider, which is often mistaken for a Brown Recluse, a poisonous spider that does not live in the Pacific Northwest. Hobo spider bites may cause pain and redness for half a day or so, but are not considered dangerous.

Our Natural Solution for Spider Control

At Antworks Pest Control we understand that spiders are helpful for the environment and humans, but that they can be just as helpful farther away from your home. So we take an environmental approach that addresses your spider infestation in multiple ways. First, we remove all webbing from around the house and treat the spiders’ favorite niches with an environmentally friendly spray: the house perimeter, eaves, windows, wall junctions, and doors. (Few people love opening their door to find a spider dangling a few inches from their face!) Inside the house we treat ceilings, corners, and any other hidden areas where the arachnids love to hide. We also treat your crawlspace, basement, and attic with an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) machine.

Our process works with a one-time application – so you don’t need to sign a long, repeat treatment contract. The end result is that the invading spider decides to take its eight-legged army elsewhere. You can take knocking down cobwebs off your cleaning list and walk through your yard again without getting a face full of goo. The spiders are happy – somewhere far away from your house. And the world is happy, because we got rid of your spider problem using green pest control. In the web of life, we call that a win-win!

Caught in a Growing Web of Spiders? Call Us!

The Vancouver spider season is just beginning in August; it will last through October, or until the nights turn too cool. Call us today to have a spider-free late summer and autumn: 855-268-9675 (855-ANTWORK).

August Spiders Create a Sticky Situation in Vancouver, Washington IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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