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Are Termites Still Active in the Winter?

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Antworks provides expert pest control services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.Termites aren’t usually pests that we connect with “winter”. Because termites are generally subterranean, living beneath the soil or in logs, we may not even see them on a regular basis. But termites are very much a year-round threat to the protection of your home, and they need to be treated for! Termites are still active in the winter, and they can sometimes pose a greater danger in colder months.

Termites and Seasonal Swarming Patterns

Swarming is the process that happens after a termite colony has grown large enough to expand into another nest. Swarming involves a large number of termites taking flight and seeking another colony location. While most termites, including subterranean termites, swarm during spring and early summer, there are some species that swarm in the fall. Drywood termites are among those species that swarm in the late summer and early fall.

If you see a swarm anywhere near your home, this could mean one of two things: 

  1. The colony is inside of your home, and it has grown so large that it needs to expand. 
  2. The colony is outside of your home–but if your home has access points, these termites might invade your home!

If you see a swarm, you need to call a pest control expert like Antworks Pest Control immediately, before your termite problem becomes any larger!

Outdoor Conditions that Encourage Termites

Regardless of their swarming patterns, termites are absolutely still active in the winter, and they will continue to expand their colony. Termites feed on wood, and they can carve out a large colony within months! If you haven’t already invested in a long-term termite pest control solution, there are two basic reasons termites find their way inside or around your home:

  • Heavy rains: termites build colonies in the soil in moist areas of a yard around a foundation. Roof gutters should be cleaned regularly, especially in winter.
  • Openings in foundations or walls: sealing the affected areas can help prevent termites from finding food sources: wood and other forms of cellulose.

We encourage everyone who lives in the Pacific NW to invest in a long-term strategy to prevent against termites. Termite destruction is almost always costly, and it can take months to even find out you have a problem! If you’re concerned about your home’s protection against termites, or you need your home to be treated for an infestation, give Antworks a call! We provide two different levels of year-round pest control! Choosing a year-round program strengthens your protection, because we’ll treat for seasonal pests and inspect your home for necessary prevention steps. Give us a call today, and see what we can do for you!

Are Termites Still Active in the Winter? IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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