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March is a busy month for ant activity…therefore we get busy. If you live in the Portland, Vancouver Metro and Surrounding Areas…you may be seeing increased ant activity. Ants of all species will gravitate towards moisture related areas…Kitchens, Bathrooms, etc. If you are seeing ant activity this time of year…you are not alone!

Although ants can be a challenge to control for the layman…with the right approach…ants can be controlled…successfully…without making your home a battlefield.

Utmost importance is knowing your adversary’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Odorous House Ant (OHA)…(Small ant, Sugar Ant, etc.) has alot of strengths…if you think you have this pest…crush one between your fingers…Now put your fingers up to your nose…smell anything? If you are unsure…capture another and try again.If you smell nothing…you either don’t have OHA or your sniffer ant working right…If you smell something like “rotten coconuts” or something else not quite right…you probably have OHA…Check back later for more info.