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3 Natural Remedies to Help Control An Ant Infestation | Portland OR

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There are more than 20,000 species of ants in existence, but fortunately, in the Portland Oregon area, there are usually only a few species. They live in large colonies with workers and queen(s) and are usually drawn towards moisture and proteins. Some have great destructive potential while others are just a nuisance. Portland pest control experts share that almost every household will face an ant infestation at some point or the other. However not every household, will want to use toxic pest control methods to get rid of these infestations. Here are three natural remedies to control an ant infestation:

1. Cucumbers
Cucumbers are one good natural home remedy for controlling ant infestation. Ants naturally hate cucumbers, especially cucumber peels. Spread some cucumber peels around places where ants enter your home and you’ll see wonderful results within a short while. Natural and generally non-toxic ingredients are the in thing in repelling or getting rid of pests including ants, mites, moths, flies and other insects. People are slicing up cucumbers rather than toxic sprays which are sometimes dangerous to you and the environment. Scientists say that there are growing evidences to prove that synthetic pesticides are dangerous to humans and animals.

2. Barriers
Barriers can be made and then a paste made from garlic, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, powdered charcoal, talcum powder or chalk can be applied on it to keep ants and other insect pests away. Remember different species react to agents differently, so you’ll have to see what substance works best with the ones trying to sneak into your home. Another way of creating barriers is to grow certain plants that release chemicals harmful to them around your home. They are nice and deter pests. Some of these plants are peppermint, spearmint and pennyroyal. After a dry spell you can also leave some dry grits around ant barriers. The drones will normally take the grits back to their queen, she will eat them, and whenever she drinks water the grits will expand and she will explode. However sad that may be, it does a lot in destabilizing their colony as the workers also die out with time in the absence of their leader.

3. Borax, water and sugar
Borax, sugar, water and a touch of peanut butter could take a couple of weeks but really works. You can make a thin paste then spread it on little pieces of thin cardboard and place in areas where they are coming into the house. They’ll eat it and take it back to their colony. The paste will dry up in a couple days, so you’ll have to make more. You donít have to repeat application for long before they are gone. However borax does need to be kept away from pets and small children, although it is relatively safe, only toxic when eaten. Always put it in a place where the kids cannot reach but the ants could.

There are also other natural remedies:
Baking soda and powdered sugar mixed in equal parts is a good ant killer. Mix and spread them around the area where you see them and soon you won’t see them anymore. The sugar will usually attract the pests and the baking soda kills them.

Neem oil made from neem seeds, prevents growth of fungi, repels and kills ants. It’s nontoxic to mammals and most beneficial insects.

These are just a few of the very many remedies that cannot be covered in this article. You should find out and try which you think will work best for you. While these methods are very easy to access and are a great substitute to commercial insecticides, you should use them carefully. However some infestations require more than these can do. If you’ve tried different methods and there are still ants, call an Antworks, an Ant Pest Control Company in Portland, for help.

3 Natural Remedies to Help Control An Ant Infestation | Portland OR IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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