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The Pros and Cons of Removing Spiders Completely From Your Home

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The pros and cons of removing spiders completely from your home


Spiders are one among the many prevalent household pests and research indicates that two out of three homes have spiders. At the same time, arachnophobia is most common creature-based fear. Since a young age, a very bad perception about spiders is ingrained in our brains and we live with it until our adulthood. This is undoubtedly true owing to the fact that a shoe is the most common tool used to deal with spiders. However, there are a few fearless folks who a let live motto in the hope that they will enjoy the good that spiders can do. If seeing a spider scurrying across the floor or dangling in a web does not create shivers in you, you might want to share your abode with several spiders.

Despite the common perception that spiders are dangerous, it is important to avoid contact with spiders because they bite if they feel endangered or threatened. Removing spiders from your house can have advantages as well as disadvantages

One advantage of removing spiders from your home is that it gives you a tidy place to live in. Spiders live in webs which can be an eyesore to a homeowner. In fact, the first step towards a clean home environment is getting rid of cobwebs.

Another advantage of removing spiders completely from your home is that it keeps you safe from spider attacks. Some spider species are known for their venom that can be dangerous to your body. Getting rid of spiders from your home means that you will not come into contact with them thus you are safe from unwanted bites.

On the other hand, removal of spiders from your home can have some disadvantages. To begin with, spiders are known to eat other insects so eliminating them from your home means that you leave room for other pests to take over. Insects feed on common household pests like houseflies, mosquitoes, and roaches. If spiders are allowed occupy some of your home space, you will realize that most insects will disappear with time. This makes them an effective, natural pest control measure.

Another disadvantage of removing pests completely from your home is that you stand at a risk of suffering from hygiene-related illnesses. Most of the household pests such as fleas, flies and roaches are associated with dreaded hygiene diseases that can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Spider presence in your home means the absence of fleas, roaches, and houseflies and as a result a reduced risk of suffering from hygiene-related problems. All the disease-carrying critters in your home will be eliminated for good.

Although most spiders normally prey on other small insects and pests, there are specific species like the yellow sac and brown recluse that should be avoided at all costs. These spiders are extremely dangerous to human beings, and their bites can have serious complications and worst of all death. However, the nonpoisonous and harmless variety can be of great benefit to your home, and it is possible to live in harmony with them.

The Pros and Cons of Removing Spiders Completely From Your Home IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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