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How are Ants Harmful to Your Home?

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Ants can be nuisances, especially if you don’t know how they’re getting in or why they’re there. Ants can be more than just a bother, then can actually be damaging in more ways than one. So how are ants harmful to your home?


Contamination of Food or Water

Ants can be harmful to your home because they are dirty. They are drawn to food, especially sugars. If you’ve left food out on your counter, they will definitely find it and spread the word. An infestation of ants in your food will make you want to throw it all away.


Ants love moisture. They can be present if you have leaking pipes in your house. Leaky pipes are already a problem, but it’s about to be bigger if you don’t repair your faucet or pipes as soon as possible. Use house cleaners to get rid of ant trails so they can’t return to the water source.


Damage to the Wood or Structure

Oftentimes ants burrow into wood, causing it to decay. If you have ants surrounding a certain part of your house, chances are that they’re burrowing into the wood. This can be a potential structural problem.


Ants tend to like moisture, so they will look for lumber that has voids. They also like windows and hollow doors. Basically, they’ll want to be in a wood that has been softened by moisture. Regardless, this can be a problem for your home because they will continue to decay the wood.


Social Disturbance

They can also be a problem if you like to be outdoors. They can crawl pretty much any place, and this includes your plants and outdoor furniture. The presence of ants can be irritating in the sense that they’re everywhere when you’re trying to entertain or enjoy your afternoon.


Harmful Chemicals

Being the social bugs they are, once you have one ant, more will come. The use of pesticides can be harmful to your home and everyone in it. Using harmful chemicals in attempt to kill them might do more harm to you than the actual bugs.


Instead of using harmful chemicals, there are organic chemicals that won’t hurt humans. Using these is safer, but they can still be a hassle. Instead of resorting to attack, try and figure out why the ants are present and start eliminating that reason. Once their reason for coming into your home eliminated, such as moisture or food, then the more comfortable you will be in your home.


As you can see, ants can be harmful to your home. They can move in at a moments notice and make it their own in a short amount of time. In order to keep them away, make sure you’re taking the right precautions to avoid these pesky interferences.


If your ant problem is to the point of no return, you can contact a pest control, such as Antworks Pest Control. They will help you get rid of the little pests as well as making sure they won’t come back. So if you’re little problem is bigger than you thought, contact a pest control. 

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