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Attic Treatments

Depending on the type of pest and other factors...the attic can be treated with ...

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Crawlspace Treatments

Depending on the type of pest and other factors....the crawlspace can be treated...

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Exterior Treatments

Exterior treatments can differ greatly depending on type of pest, environmental ...

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General Pest Control

A general pest treatment includes all pests except wood destroyers. Obviously a ...

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Insect Control

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Interior Treatments

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Maintenance Services

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Methods & Materials

Exterminating Ants and other Pest Control Services in Portland, Oregon and Vanco...

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Nuisance Pests

Nuisance Pest Control Around Vancouver, WA By far the most common nuisance pest...

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Rodent Control

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Wood Destroying Pests

Here in the Pacific Northwest our most common wood destroying pest is the Carpen...

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Antworks has been providing guaranteed Portland roach control  and Portland roach removal  services to the metro Portland area for more than eight years.


We treat Spiders, Bedbugs, Hornets and other pests, but our specialty is on roach control. Most Portland roach control companies will not guarantee removal of these small bugs without expensive monthly treatments, but Antworks Insect Control guarantees all of our roach treatments because we practice unique methods and use materials specifically designed for the control of these pests.


We use the Integrated Pest Management philosophy for all work we do. A big part of our roach removal strategy takes place during the inspection. During roach control inspection we try to determine why your home is being infested and make recommendations towards correction…making a more long term solution.




We take excellent care of our customers as well as the environment by NOT practicing a “one size fits all” approach like the, so called, “environmentally friendly” crowd.


From the smaller, fuel efficient vehicles we use to not requiring expensive monthly or quarterly treatments for guaranteed results and saving trees by not advertising in the major yellow page phone books, our Portland roach control philosophy and methods are truly unique.


If you still have a yellow page phone book, look under Portland roach control. Look at those full page ads….Did you notice a lot of those Portland roach removal services claim to be Green? Think about the trees that go into making the phone books that have those full page ads and multiply that by hundreds of thousands. Now think about all the vehicles and gas that goes into the delivery of all those books to all those houses. What is Green about that?



We use only the best, most effective materials and practice only the newest, state of the art methods, in order to guarantee our work and offer our Portland roach control customers better insect removal and value.


We are family owned and operated, have an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we are Angie’s List Super Service Award Winners 3 years running. If you have tried other Portland insect control companies and still have ants….