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The materials used on your property is what sets us apart from a competing exterminator in Portland OR. Some companies use a fast acting, highly repellent insecticide, which has the same active ingredient you can get at your local home and garden store. These insecticides are pyrethrum based and are effective on spiders, earwigs and most other non social insects but can be detrimental in exterminating ants.

Here at Antworks Pest Control, an exterminator uses a slow acting, non-repellent material. While this type of technology does not repel ants, it also allows ants to live long enough to carry a large dose of the non-repellent back to the colonies and share it with others. This kind of transfer effect allows our exterminator to use less of the product while still exterminating the ants.

With the extensive training and certification to carry and use our product, the exterminator is able to quickly and efficiently remove the ant infestation.

At Antworks Pest Control, our exterminators in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA are all about ants!


Ants and other pests are attracted to moisture related areas such as the kitchen and/or bathrooms. An exterminator concentrates the treatment in those key areas where ants reside. Wall void injections, crack, crevice and sometimes baseboard treatments are also necessary if your exterminator finds the infestation has spread. The materials used inside the house are odorless and once dry, are safe for children and pets to be present.

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Ants make their way into the home due to issues with the exterior of the home. It is important for the exterminator to treat areas of the home that come into contact with plants or dirt to eliminate any sources of the infestation like foundation walls and crawlspaces. Wall void injections along plumbing walls from the outside may also be necessary for long term ant control.

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