Exterminating Ants and other Pest Control Services in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington

Ants and other pests are attracted to moisture related areas like kitchen and bathrooms. Therefore treatment for exterminating ants is concentrated in those areas. Wall void injections, crack, crevice and sometimes baseboard treatments are necessary. The pest management materials we use inside the house are odorless and treated areas are safe for kids and pets once dry.

Obviously ants invade houses through contact to the earth. It is important to treat everywhere the structure comes into contact to the planet to cut off the source, like foundation walls and crawlspaces. Wall void injections along plumbing walls from the outside may also be necessary for long term ant control.

This is where we really differ from other Portland pest control companies. A lot of these pest control companies use a fast acting, highly repellant, insecticide like what you can get at your local home and garden store. These insecticides are pyrethrum based and are effective on spiders, earwigs and most other non social insects but are actually detrimental in exterminating ants.

Ants are intelligent and avoid these insecticides. If you use enough repellants you can knock down some of the workers but unless you physically find all the ant colonies (which is practically impossible) the queens just produce more. The net result usually is these ants just spread out and can actually become more of a problem.

I use a slow acting, non repellant material called Termidor. Its biggest feature is its Transfer Effect. You can't get this material or anything like it at your local store. Ants don't avoid this material and they live long enough to pickup heavy doses to take back and share with their queens and other nest mates.

That's why I only have to apply very little of this material to targeted areas to knock out entire colonies. Thereby exterminating ants. That's also why I can offer a warranty without expensive monthly treatments…which other Portland, Vancouver pest control companies require.

There are a number of reasons other pest control companies don't use Termidor. One is cost. Another is the company that produces Termidor…(BASF) requires extra training to obtain their product.

I believe the biggest reason other companies don't use Termidor is it requires special handling. It's non repellant and can't be contaminated. Most pesticides are repellant and it's just a lot more convenient to use repellants on everything because of the diversity of the pests they encounter. In order to use Termidor effectively they would have to thoroughly clean out their tanks and hoses to eliminate the repellency. Unless these Portland, Vancouver, Gresham pest control companies do nothing but ant treatments all day this can be extremely time consuming.

At Antworks Pest Control serving the Portland, Beaverton Vancouver Pest Management industry…we are All About Ants!