Crawlspace Pest Treatments

Crawlspace Pest Treatments
Crawlspace Pest Treatments

Cleaning your crawl space regularly is important. The most common crawl space unwanted guests are:

  • Ants
  • Rodents
  • Mice
  • Termites

Wide number of other pests can be also found in the crawl spaces all over your house.

Crawl space pests are usually attracted by food sources, moisture and sheltered environment. These pests can present a health issue since some of them carry diseases or even other pests. Pests found on other pests can be fleas or ticks. Call now at 855-268-9675 (855-ANTWORK).

Call Antworks Pest Control and check out what we can do for you. Whether you need an inspection, crawl pests extermination or just preventive treatment, we can help.