This Hornet Will Be the Last Thing You See Before You Die

Caity Weaver – Wasps – 9/30/13

It’s no secret that Earth has got a lot of problems and, if you live here, you already know that I am talking about wasps. There are so many wasps here. Each one is a problem. According to recent reports out of China, 21 people have died as a result of wasp stings over the past three months in the province of Shaanxi alone. It might be time to just pack up our bags and return to the moons we came from. Might be time to turn Earth over to the wasps.

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Pest Control Hornets

After July 4th Yellow Jackets Become a Big Problem in the Portland Area

Un-bee-lievable: Wasp nest is larger than man

See an insect expert in Florida face the largest yellow jacket nest he’s ever seen, measuring over six and a half feet tall and nearly eight feet wide.

WFLA’s Jeff Patterson

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One More Place You Should Check for Bedbugs


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Here’s a bit of news I pass along to you with no pleasure at all – bedbugs are now a growing problem in cars. Bedbugs were all but eliminated in North America 50 years ago but they’ve been back with a vengeance over the last decade.

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Ant Management


A 3-Step Holistic Approach

Keeping ants out of your plant can be seen as a three-stage process starting on the outside of the facility and working inward. “You have to realize that ants need only a tiny little crack to get in,” said Cisse Spragins, CEO, Rockwell Labs. “So you really need to start on the outside of the facility.”

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