The pros and cons of removing spiders completely from your home

Spiders are one among the many prevalent household pests and research indicates that two out of three homes have spiders. At the same time, arachnophobia is most common creature-based fear. Since a young age, a very bad perception about spiders is ingrained in our brains and we live with it until our adulthood. This is undoubtedly true owing to the fact that a shoe is the most common tool used to deal with spiders. However, there are a few fearless folks who a let live motto in the hope that they will enjoy the good that spiders can do. If seeing a spider scurrying across the floor or dangling in a web does not create shivers in you, you might want to share your abode with several spiders.

Despite the common perception that spiders are dangerous, it is important to avoid contact with spiders because they bite if they feel endangered or threatened. Removing spiders from your house can have advantages as well as disadvantages.

One advantage of removing spiders from your home is that it gives you a tidy place to live in. Spiders live in webs which can be an eyesore to a homeowner. In fact, the first step towards a clean home environment is getting rid of cobwebs.

Another advantage of removing spiders completely from your home is that it keeps you safe from spider attacks. Some spider species are known for their venom that can be dangerous to your body. Getting rid of spiders from your home means that you will not come into contact with them thus you are safe from unwanted bites.

On the other hand, removal of spiders from your home can have some disadvantages. To begin with, spiders are known to eat other insects so eliminating them from your home means that you leave room for other pests to take over. Insects feed on common household pests like houseflies, mosquitoes, and roaches. If spiders are allowed occupy some of your home space, you will realize that most insects will disappear with time. This makes them an effective, natural pest control measure.

Another disadvantage of removing pests completely from your home is that you stand at a risk of suffering from hygiene-related illnesses. Most of the household pests such as fleas, flies and roaches are associated with dreaded hygiene diseases that can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Spider presence in your home means the absence of fleas, roaches, and houseflies and as a result a reduced risk of suffering from hygiene-related problems. All the disease-carrying critters in your home will be eliminated for good.

Although most spiders normally prey on other small insects and pests, there are specific species like the yellow sac and brown recluse that should be avoided at all costs. These spiders are extremely dangerous to human beings, and their bites can have serious complications and worst of all death. However, the nonpoisonous and harmless variety can be of great benefit to your home, and it is possible to live in harmony with them.

Common pests that can invade homes in the Portland area.

Portland Oregon is a beautiful area. It is filled with breathtaking views of waterfronts, forests and mountains. Residents of the area have an inviting mixture of terrain and environments that can come with both benefits and challenges. Each season can present a unique challenge in pest management, in particular the spring time. Well trained Portland pest control companies can help residents manage and prevent infestations from the usual suspects such as termites, spiders, roached, rodents, as well as the following common pests of the area. Of any potential pests, these are the most nuisance causing ones you don’t want to mess around with by trying to get rid of them on your own.

They sneak in during the fall and emerge in spring; the box elder bug.

Ask any Portland pest control company what is one of the biggest Spring complaints and they will tell you it is the box elder bug. While it may have other names, such as maple bug or the zug, these infamous red and black beetles make their way inside when the weather begins to turn cold. When Spring roles around they emerge in droves and can be quite the nuisance. Their sneaky nature and tendency to find the deepest, darkest, and hardest to reach nooks and crannies to settle down in for hibernation can make them a challenging pest. The key to controlling them is taking preventative measures to keep them from getting in.

Another common pest is the ant.

Aside from the emergence of pesky beetles, various species of ants tend become more of a problem during Spring. According to Portland pest control companies, the top three species that pester residents are carpenter, odorous, and pharaoh ants. Carpenters can be the most annoying because they damage wood and compromise the integrity of structures. Odorous ants, also called sugar ants, love sweets and give off a horrible stench when squashed. Pharaoh ants can be especially hard to get rid of without professional help because they don’t need to swarm to create new colonies. Their response to when people try to destroy the colony with over the counter products is to start making more colonies. If not handled correctly a small problem can grow quite large, very quickly.

One of the most annoying pests in the Portland area is the bedbug.

Bedbugs have become an increasing problem all over the country. When it comes to dealing with them, most people have learned that using a Portland pest control company works best. These nasty little things are an extreme nuisance and can survive up to an entire year without eating. This means that if they get inside furniture, even if its not used for a while, there is a chance that can re-emerge when the conditions are suitable for them. Warm weather tends to drive them to search for more food, so Spring and Summer are prime seasons to see larger infestations crop up. They spread quickly and require a lot of work to get rid of. Of any potential pests, these are ones you don’t want to mess around with by trying to get rid of them on your own.

When is it time to call in a Portland pest control company for an ant problem?

A lot of people make the assumption that its easy to handle something like an ant problem. The scenario tends to play out something along the lines of walking the aisles at the store, comparing pricing and ingredients in different bug sprays or traps, making a selection and heading home. Let us say in this example the ants in question are tiny light brown ants with a darker tip to their bottoms. You go home and wage chemical warfare, either with man made or naturally sourced toxins. A day or two may pass where you feel like you’ve won. But then, they start coming back and before you know it, the problem is twice as bad as it was before.

Why this sort of thing of happens.

In this instance, you have encountered a species of ant known as the pharaoh ant. It is one of the most difficult to remove and can often become even more difficult when over the counter products are used. Unlike your typical ant colony, they respond to attacks on the queen, which is what most over the counter baits and poisons target, by budding into new colonies. Also unlike other types of ant, you won’t see it happen because they don’t swarm out to breed like other species. It almost always takes a professional pest control company to take care of this breed. There are a lot of things that blanket bug sprays and products don’t tell you about the insects they can kill, and with things like ants, just killing a few of them will not do much in getting rid of them in the long run.

Who to call and what to expect.

Portland pest control companies, like Antworks Pest Control, are staffed by knowledgeable personnel who know the ins and outs of the different species and how to treat for them effectively. They can render a comprehensive evaluation of the situation and layout the most likely to succeed plan of action. From targeting problematic areas around the perimeter of the house to issue inside that may be inviting the ants in, exterminators have the knowledge and skills to help.

When a specialist comes out to assess the infestation they will do a complete walk around. Aside from where you have see the ants, they will examine all potential areas that are being overlooked. Depending on what the pest is, they can then discuss options and plans for treatment. Once you choose what works best for your home and budget, they can usually start that day. They will also give instructions on what you can do around the home to help discourage the pests. Depending on the level of infestation and type of pest that is being dealt with, it may take a series of visits and treatments before the problem is entirely eliminated. Once it is under control though, it is often a good idea to consider having regular preventative treatments to help ensure they don’t come back.



Signs Your House is Infested With Ants | Portland Pest Control

There is a difference between seeing an ant and having an ant infestation. Sometimes a single ant can be tracked in on your shoes or clothing after you’ve come in from outside. A single ant, often times, is just a single ant. But other times one ant is just a foreboding sign that there are many, many more located somewhere in your home. So how do you know when a single ant is a single ant, and when it is a sign of an ant infestation? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Seeing Your First Ant

The first sign of an infestation is seeing an ant, but really it is seeing a specific type of ant. Large (1/2 inch or so) black ants are called worker ants. If you see one, there is a good chance that there are more as they don’t often travel by themselves. These ants come out at night and usually look for food that has been left out. So if you notice that food has been gotten into, you might have an ant problem.


Frass is the detritus left behind by ants as they tunnel through the wood of your home’s exterior. It is often presented as saw dust or wood shavings. Ants are almost always cleaning their tunnels of these wood shavings, which they will then pile up outside of the hole. These wholes will be most visible underneath the kitchen sink or other cupboard areas.


If you see an ant by the front door, it is much more likely that it was tracked in on your shoes or clothing than if you see on in the kitchen. Ants feed on sweet items, and the kitchen is where they will most likely find them.

What To Do If Your Home is Infested by Ants

Once you determine that you have an ant infestation, what do you do about it? If you can find where the ants are getting in at, you can try to take care of the problem on your own, by sealing it up. But often times this will not work, as there is no single place where the ants are coming in at, but instead they have made many little tunnels and holes. You’re probably not going to catch them all, so closing one up won’t do very much good.

So the best option is to call a Portland pest control company, like Antworks Pest Control, so they can come into your home and root out all of the ants in one fell swoop. They will also be able to locate the ant’s entry point and make sure that the ants can’t come back.

Red Ant Infestation? We Can Help | Portland Pest Control

Red ants are one of the most common pests we come across in our business. They love to come into your home and snack on things that can cause your home and your wallet serious damage. Antworks is one of Portland’s best pest control companies, which means they should be your first call when you find you have a red ant infestation. Today we’re going to look at red ants, their habits and habitat, and why you should call us when you find that you have a red ant problem.

What is a Red Ant?

If you look at a red ant, you’ll notice that it isn’t really red. It’s more of an amber, brownish color. The reason they are called red ants is that they aren’t black like most other types of common ants and that they bite and leave red marks on your skin. They are one of the most annoying pests you’ll come across in the ant family, because they actually bite and cause pain.

These ants are found in a lot of places in the United States, including in the north western United States near Portland. One of the reasons they are so pesky is that they nest right near your home, and have an annoying habit if finding their way inside. They can crawl in through any gap they find, but tend to come in through weak points like those around your air conditioning unit and your HVAC system.

One of the reasons these ants are so terrible is that they will bite any human they come in contact with. People who have allergies to insect bites can have severe reactions if they get stung by a red ant. That makes it even more important that you get rid of the infestation as quickly as possible.

Why You Should Contact a Portland Ant Pest Control Company

Antworks is one of the best pest control companies in Portland. Their expertise will allow you to quickly and easily get rid of your red ant problem. They have the unique tools needed to make sure that the infestation not only is eradicated on the inside, but the outside of your home as well.

While you can spend hundreds of dollars on do it yourself options when it comes to getting rid of ants, in most cases these are only temporary solutions that only end up costing you more money and time. Calling a professional Portland ant pest control company can save you both time and money, and will make it much easier on you in the long run.

Tips to “Ant Proof” Your Home or Business | Pest Control OR

With the warmer conditions of summer and spring approaching, ants are often a common problem experienced by many households. There are various types of ants that can invade your house and then create nests in it. This post unfolds some well-known ants in household and also unfolds the best Ant Pest Control Company to call for help in Portland OR.

Quite often, homeowners opt for DIY methods of ant proofing their homes. There are wide varieties of these DIY methods that are in use by many households. However, nothing surpasses the Ant Pest Control Company in solving invasion of these little creatures. DIY solutions, in most cases, may be temporary and thus need frequent application to prevent or combatants in your house. Some people recommend spilling vinegar, soapy water, or using adhesive tape to prevent these ants. How many times will you apply these?

It is practically challenging to control these ants on your own apart from an Ant Pest Control Company. Otherwise, you will have to apply the DIY methods several times a week. With pest control specialists, you can have your home ant proofed for a long time because they use effective and proven solutions to do that. It is recommended to call Antworks Pest Control in Portland OR today to help you solve the problems of ants.

The other danger with some DIY solutions is that they can be harmful. There are some homeowners who use chemicals to combatants and sadly end up harming their health with the use of these chemicals.

Popular Types of ants that can invade your home

Fire Ants — these ants are characterized by their appearance with red heads, red thoraxes, and abdomen, which can be red or black in color. They like to have their nests in crawl spaces, between walls, in the carpets and many more places in your house. The outdoor nest is likely to be a heaped soil above the ground. You can also find them in turf in your home. With the help of the Ant Pest Control Company, you can solve them.

Black ants — these ants are characterized by their small size and black color. They are mostly found in the soil under various objects in outdoors. They can create their nests in walls and your carpets in your house. That said; call the professional Ant Pest Control Company to help you to ant proof your home. You cannot let these ants invade your house and interrupt you.

Regardless of the type of ants invading your house, they are commonly attracted by moisture surfaces and food sources in your home. All they want is food and water you have. That is why you may find them in abundance in your kitchen carpets and other areas. Nonetheless, Antworks Pest Control Company in Portland OR can help you resolve any ant pest issues.

Do You Attract Mosquitoes?

Do you always attract mosquitoes every time you step out of your house during summer? If mosquitoes bite you more than your friends and family members, then you are a mosquito magnet!  You could be engaging in various activities that could be making you more attractive to biting mosquitoes. It is important to know that your body chemistry and metabolism plays an important role in determining how much you attract mosquitoes.

Factors that Determine How Attractive You Are to Mosquitoes

–If you drink beer, you may be making yourself more attractive to mosquitoes. According to a research uploaded in Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, consuming one bottle of beer can greatly increase your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. 

–Wearing of dark clothes can also increase the attraction of mosquitoes. According to researchers, it was found that red and black clothing are most attractive to mosquitoes. On the other hand, blue, green, light khaki, yellow, green and grey clothing is less prone to mosquitoes. 

–Is your blood type O? Well, according to a Japanese study, mosquitoes are more likely to bite a person with blood group O compared to other blood groups. 

–If you are pregnant, chances are high you will attract biting mosquitoes because the belly is warmer than the rest of the body. Mosquitoes are also attracted to substances contained in the sweat of a pregnant woman. In addition, there is reported evidence that shows women are more attractive to mosquitoes during ovulation. 

–Are you feet stinky? If yes, then chances of attracting mosquitoes are high. According to a study conducted by Dutch scientists, a man dressed only in his underwear was exposed mosquitoes. Surprisingly, the mosquitoes went straight to his stinky feet. After he washed his legs, the mosquitoes randomly landed on his body and didn’t head straight to the feet. 

–If you always wonder why mosquitoes are so attracted to you, your charming personality could be the cause.  Mosquitoes always have a specific preference from physical appearance to one’s scent.

What to Do?

If you want to keep mosquitoes off, there are other things you can do except sleeping under a mosquito net. Wearing light colored clothing and making sure your feet are clean and fresh all day long will keep mosquitoes far away. Another option is to contact a certified pest control professional. A good pest control company should be in a position to offer mosquito control solutions and other pest control choices. Mosquitoes are very annoying and can cause sleepless nights as well as serious diseases such as Malaria. This is the reason why you need to treat and get rid of mosquitoes and their breeding grounds from your house. 

Myths and Facts about Bed Bugs | Portland Pest Control

There are a lot of people who never encountered bed bugs and the reason for that is simple – bed bugs were almost exterminated two or three decades ago. Thanks to DDT (organochloride), disinfection was very successful. However, many decades ago many countries banned the use of DDT because of it harmful properties that can damage human health too. People are not really familiar with these bugs and how they can be exterminated and that’s why we are presenting you a list of myths and facts about bed bugs.

Myth: Bed bugs are dangerous only during the night

Fact: Although these bugs are usually most active before sunrise, if you want to get rid of them don’t stand and wait the night. Bed bugs are taking any opportunity to bite you and feed themselves, so if you go to bed late at night they can easily adjust and bite you during the morning.

Myth: Bed bugs are difficult to find because they are not visible with naked eye

Fact: The truth is that fully grown bed bugs can be easily spotted. They have red or brown color and they can be seen clearly especially on white sheet. Even if you can’t see them the constant itching when you wake up will definitely confirm their presence.

Myth: Placing your bed outside the house during winter period can kill the bed bugs

Fact: Just like many other insects, bed bugs are very hard to exterminate. They don’t like the cold but according to many experts bed bugs can stay alive for days on temperatures below zero so you won’t accomplish anything by placing your bed outside.

Myth: Bed bug bites look the same on every person

Fact: It is easy to recognize bug bites but it’s not that easy to tell if they were made by bed bugs. The bites usually come in groups but around 30% of people don’t react to these bites or have only one or two visible marks on their bodies.

Myth: Bed bugs cannot spread any harmful disease

Fact: Although it’s true that these insects cannot transmit any harmful disease, they can worsen allergies and asthma in people that are already suffering from these medical conditions. 

Myth: Except the bed, all other furniture is safe from bed bugs

Fact: The reason why bed bugs usually dwell in our beds is because we spend most of our day in the bed. That’s why they can also be found in our living rooms (chairs, couches), offices and places where there are a lot of people at the same time (cinema, restaurants, public transportation etc.). 

Myth: I can get rid of bed bugs completely on my own

Fact: You can find a lot of sprays and other products against bed bugs. But the truth is that by using almost all of these products you will only spread bed bugs in other places of your home or even in your neighborhood. The best solution to deal with bed bugs is to call a professional pest service, such as Antworks Pest Control.

Why More than One Treatment May Be Needed to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home?

Do you notice that there are many ants around your house area? Usually ants live outdoor but there are also some times that they can invade a household due to some reasons. There are many reasons that triggered ants to invade a household. Common reason why ants invade you house it because ants are searching for foods. Since, houses may contain some foods which lead many ants to invade a household. Sweet foods and other kind of foods can attract ants to invade your house.  Ants invading your house may relatively cause you to experience some problems. Problems that may occur because of ant’s invasion to your house are listed below:

Ant bites are not deadly however it may cause some skin problems and irritation such as itchiness and redness of the skin. In case, there are ants inside your house and you have an infant in the house then you need to see to it that the child is protected against ant’s bite.

Invasion of ants in your house can definitely cause changes in the overall appearance of your house. There are also some times that ants can destroy some of your things inside the house.

Usually ants came to your house for your foods especially sweet foods. Since they came for it they will surely invade your food storage. You must see to it that all your foods are properly stored in the proper place that ants cannot invade.

 Believe it or not, most countries around the world are having some problems regarding invasion of ants in houses. Getting rid ants invasion is sometime hard to do. Some people even hire some people to get rid ants problems and ants invasion. Here are the methods that you can use to solve your ant problems and get rid ants from invading your house:

You can try the common home remedy to get rid invasion of ants. You can use Boric acid to control ants. Boric acid can be very good bait that you can sue to get rid ant problems.

You can use some pesticides to get rid ant problems and control the invasion of ants to your house. However, on using the some pesticides you need to be careful enough to avoid the occurrence of some problems.

Using the baiting program to get rid the invasion of ants in your house.

You can hire some pest management professional to get rid and control the invasion of ants in your house, such as Antworks Pest Control in Portland OR.

What if the Methods are not Effective to Get Rid Ants?

Yes, it is true sometime one treatment of method to get rid ant’s invasion in your house are not enough. You need to try two methods or more to totally get rid ant’s invasion in your house. Here are the reasons why sometimes one treatment or method is not enough to get rid ant’s invasion:

Short term Solution of Pesticides- Pesticides can get rid ant’s invasion but sometimes it is not effective because of its short term efficiency.

The Ant Trails- Once the pesticide loss its efficiency ants will follow the trail to go back to your house.

The Ant’s Nest- Sometimes one method is not enough to totally destroy the ant’s nests.

Signs You Have a Carpenter Ant Infestation | Portland OR

Carpenter ants can be very harmful to a home or building. When Carpenter ants find a home inside the wood of your own home, they can be capable of producing a lot of damage. This is especially the case if you leave the areas untreated. (Professional pest control companies, such as Antworks in Portland OR, can help you solve your ant infestation easily. Click here to contact them today.)

There are several signs that you may have a Carpenter ant infestation in your Portland OR home. The most obvious sign is when you visually see Carpenter ants building or foraging food in a long trail. This long trail typically stretches from the food source and straight to their ant nest. 

When you follow this ant trail, you may be lead to an opening. If the infestation has been going on for a while, there may be piles of wood shavings found beneath the wooden items. There can also be noises coming from within the ceiling, walls or areas near the nest. 

Sometimes, what looks like a termite infestation may actually be a Carpenter Ant Infestation. Since termites eat wood, when you see the piles of wood shavings, you may actually think you have a termite infestation. Ants do not gain any nutritional value from wood. They merely damage the wood in order to create their nesting area.

Antworks Pest Control Company in Portland OR can help you determine if you have an ant infestation and provide solutions for the pest control you need. Contact them today for more information.