Why you should avoid using the pesticides you see in the stores.

The site of any unsightly insect, be it a roach, beetle, or the most common ant, can send many people frantically to the store for some type of treatment. Instead of dousing pests in a bunch of chemicals, many of which they’ve developed immunity too, take a moment to consider your options. According to many Portland pest control companies, often times using the pesticides, that are available in stores, can pose a lot more risk than potential reward.


Many commercially available pesticides are not environmentally friendly.


Even if the pesticide comes in a pump bottle or manual spray bottle, the misuse in disposing of leftover contents can lead to serious environmental issues. Most pesticides that you purchase at the local store cannot be processed by water and waste management facilities. Pouring even a small amount down the drain can have an impact on wildlife and pollute the environment. This is even true for when you are rinsing the containers out for recycling. In most states you have to triple rinse pesticide containers, and use the rinse water as you would when applying it normally. Even flushing this diluted mixture can cause problems. Each state, and at times county, has a specific requirement for disposal, depending on the chemical and its container. So, aside from being a possible pollutant, it is also a pest to properly dispose of it.


Even after all the red tape regarding its disposal, it may not get the job done.


Many Portland pest control services will warn customers about the ineffectiveness of over the counter sprays, if they don’t already hear stories about it. The ever common story of “I emptied an entire can onto it and it was still going.” is a result of two common factors. Firstly, this often happens because the person used the wrong type of bug spray, and ended up dousing the pest in a chemical not even designed to affect them. Second, it is entirely likely that the chemical used in the spray was effective, decades ago, but thanks to over use, the insect has become immune to it. When it comes to things like roach and ant pest control, most commercial pesticides or bug sprays tend to not work.


Commonly available pesticides are unhealthy for your family and pets.


The biggest reason Portland pest control companies discourage the use of store bought pesticides, aside from being ineffective, they are potentially harmful to you and your family. Most pesticides, even if they do not kill the intended pest, can harm humans and animals. A miss fire of spray can end up putting pesticides in places accessible to small children and pets. All it takes is a lack of proper hygiene , or for a pet to track it elsewhere to result in accidental poisoning. When it comes to taking care of pests, especially infestations, the safety to yourself and your family can make using a Portland pest control company more than worth it. They can also often do the job without creating the awful residual smell that commercial pesticides tend to leave.


When is it time to call in a Portland pest control company for an ant problem?

A lot of people make the assumption that its easy to handle something like an ant problem. The scenario tends to play out something along the lines of walking the aisles at the store, comparing pricing and ingredients in different bug sprays or traps, making a selection and heading home. Let us say in this example the ants in question are tiny light brown ants with a darker tip to their bottoms. You go home and wage chemical warfare, either with man made or naturally sourced toxins. A day or two may pass where you feel like you’ve won. But then, they start coming back and before you know it, the problem is twice as bad as it was before.

Why this sort of thing of happens.

In this instance, you have encountered a species of ant known as the pharaoh ant. It is one of the most difficult to remove and can often become even more difficult when over the counter products are used. Unlike your typical ant colony, they respond to attacks on the queen, which is what most over the counter baits and poisons target, by budding into new colonies. Also unlike other types of ant, you won’t see it happen because they don’t swarm out to breed like other species. It almost always takes a professional pest control company to take care of this breed. There are a lot of things that blanket bug sprays and products don’t tell you about the insects they can kill, and with things like ants, just killing a few of them will not do much in getting rid of them in the long run.

Who to call and what to expect.

Portland pest control companies, like Antworks Pest Control, are staffed by knowledgeable personnel who know the ins and outs of the different species and how to treat for them effectively. They can render a comprehensive evaluation of the situation and layout the most likely to succeed plan of action. From targeting problematic areas around the perimeter of the house to issue inside that may be inviting the ants in, exterminators have the knowledge and skills to help.

When a specialist comes out to assess the infestation they will do a complete walk around. Aside from where you have see the ants, they will examine all potential areas that are being overlooked. Depending on what the pest is, they can then discuss options and plans for treatment. Once you choose what works best for your home and budget, they can usually start that day. They will also give instructions on what you can do around the home to help discourage the pests. Depending on the level of infestation and type of pest that is being dealt with, it may take a series of visits and treatments before the problem is entirely eliminated. Once it is under control though, it is often a good idea to consider having regular preventative treatments to help ensure they don’t come back.



What To Do When You See a Pavement Ant in Your Portland OR Home

Not all ants are the same. Some eat food from your home, others are scavengers looking for debris from your home to build a nest. Pavement ants come into your home looking for food. They usually (in natural situations) nest under stones or in the cracks of pavement, which is where they get their name. Pavement ants like to eat many types of human foods, but prefer greasy foods like meat. What is most interesting about these little buggers is that they leave trails to the food sources from their nests so they can find it again.

If you see a pavement ant what do you do? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

If you see one pavement ant (especially if it is a darker worker ant), you probably have many more where that came from. You can tell you have an infestation by looking for entry points yourself. These ants burrow into your cupboards and floors. When they do this they leave small piles of wood shavings. Often times this is the best indicator that you have a pavement ant problem.

Call for Help

While usually an ant is nothing to worry about from a danger perspective, they can cost you hundreds of dollars in damage if left unchecked. So is important to do something the first time you see a pavement ant. For most people, the most effective way to get rid of these ants is to call a professional pest control company, such as Antworks Pest Control services in Beaverton, Vancouver and Portland.

While it may seem like it would be cheaper to try and get rid of the pavement ants on your own, often times that is not the case. While you can buy ant spray and ant traps from the supermarket, these often only solve a local problem but not the infestation. As we said above, pavement ants leave a trail to their food sources from their nest.

A professional pest control company will locate the entry point of the ants, and seal it. They will then get rid of the ants that are in your home and eliminate their trail so they will be unable to find the same food sources. Ant sprays and ant traps will only kill a few ants, while ignoring the nest. This is the main reason why hiring a reputable ant pest control company will benefit you the most and over a long term period.

Problem with Ants? Contact Antworks Pest Control today for help.

Tips to “Ant Proof” Your Home or Business | Pest Control OR

With the warmer conditions of summer and spring approaching, ants are often a common problem experienced by many households. There are various types of ants that can invade your house and then create nests in it. This post unfolds some well-known ants in household and also unfolds the best Ant Pest Control Company to call for help in Portland OR.

Quite often, homeowners opt for DIY methods of ant proofing their homes. There are wide varieties of these DIY methods that are in use by many households. However, nothing surpasses the Ant Pest Control Company in solving invasion of these little creatures. DIY solutions, in most cases, may be temporary and thus need frequent application to prevent or combatants in your house. Some people recommend spilling vinegar, soapy water, or using adhesive tape to prevent these ants. How many times will you apply these?

It is practically challenging to control these ants on your own apart from an Ant Pest Control Company. Otherwise, you will have to apply the DIY methods several times a week. With pest control specialists, you can have your home ant proofed for a long time because they use effective and proven solutions to do that. It is recommended to call Antworks Pest Control in Portland OR today to help you solve the problems of ants.

The other danger with some DIY solutions is that they can be harmful. There are some homeowners who use chemicals to combatants and sadly end up harming their health with the use of these chemicals.

Popular Types of ants that can invade your home

Fire Ants — these ants are characterized by their appearance with red heads, red thoraxes, and abdomen, which can be red or black in color. They like to have their nests in crawl spaces, between walls, in the carpets and many more places in your house. The outdoor nest is likely to be a heaped soil above the ground. You can also find them in turf in your home. With the help of the Ant Pest Control Company, you can solve them.

Black ants — these ants are characterized by their small size and black color. They are mostly found in the soil under various objects in outdoors. They can create their nests in walls and your carpets in your house. That said; call the professional Ant Pest Control Company to help you to ant proof your home. You cannot let these ants invade your house and interrupt you.

Regardless of the type of ants invading your house, they are commonly attracted by moisture surfaces and food sources in your home. All they want is food and water you have. That is why you may find them in abundance in your kitchen carpets and other areas. Nonetheless, Antworks Pest Control Company in Portland OR can help you resolve any ant pest issues.

Do You Attract Mosquitoes?

Do you always attract mosquitoes every time you step out of your house during summer? If mosquitoes bite you more than your friends and family members, then you are a mosquito magnet!  You could be engaging in various activities that could be making you more attractive to biting mosquitoes. It is important to know that your body chemistry and metabolism plays an important role in determining how much you attract mosquitoes.

Factors that Determine How Attractive You Are to Mosquitoes

–If you drink beer, you may be making yourself more attractive to mosquitoes. According to a research uploaded in Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, consuming one bottle of beer can greatly increase your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. 

–Wearing of dark clothes can also increase the attraction of mosquitoes. According to researchers, it was found that red and black clothing are most attractive to mosquitoes. On the other hand, blue, green, light khaki, yellow, green and grey clothing is less prone to mosquitoes. 

–Is your blood type O? Well, according to a Japanese study, mosquitoes are more likely to bite a person with blood group O compared to other blood groups. 

–If you are pregnant, chances are high you will attract biting mosquitoes because the belly is warmer than the rest of the body. Mosquitoes are also attracted to substances contained in the sweat of a pregnant woman. In addition, there is reported evidence that shows women are more attractive to mosquitoes during ovulation. 

–Are you feet stinky? If yes, then chances of attracting mosquitoes are high. According to a study conducted by Dutch scientists, a man dressed only in his underwear was exposed mosquitoes. Surprisingly, the mosquitoes went straight to his stinky feet. After he washed his legs, the mosquitoes randomly landed on his body and didn’t head straight to the feet. 

–If you always wonder why mosquitoes are so attracted to you, your charming personality could be the cause.  Mosquitoes always have a specific preference from physical appearance to one’s scent.

What to Do?

If you want to keep mosquitoes off, there are other things you can do except sleeping under a mosquito net. Wearing light colored clothing and making sure your feet are clean and fresh all day long will keep mosquitoes far away. Another option is to contact a certified pest control professional. A good pest control company should be in a position to offer mosquito control solutions and other pest control choices. Mosquitoes are very annoying and can cause sleepless nights as well as serious diseases such as Malaria. This is the reason why you need to treat and get rid of mosquitoes and their breeding grounds from your house. 

All About Ants – Control, Identification and Facts

Ants (family Formicidae) belong to the order Hymenoptera. They are usually 0.08 inches to 0.3 inches long, but there are some species that can grow up to 0.8 inches. There black, brown and red ants as well as ones with wings and without wings. Ants are so fascinating that there is whole science dedicated for their studying called Myrmecology.  

What is interesting about ants is that they are social insects – they live in large colonies or groups. There are three different types of ants in each of those colonies/groups: the queen, sterile female workers and males. Furthermore, those works can be divided in two groups: regular workers and soldiers. 

Ants have existed for more than 100 million years on our planet and they can be found on almost every corner of our planet. According to some experts there are more than 12.000 different ant species and that’s why they are sometimes referred to as the most successful specie in the world. The situation in USA is no different and there are hundreds of ant species that live here and some of the most common species include – Pavement ants, fire ants, Pharaoh ants and Argentine ants.

They live in dead trees, underground or they build mounds by applying different solid elements. When we talk about nature and ants’ contribution to the stability of the nature they are very useful insects. For example, they participate in the transportation of different types of seed and they actively fight against forest and agricultural pests. But sometimes these insects can be located near or inside residential objects. In these situations they can be very harmful and potentially dangerous. For example, the Pharaoh Ant (Monomorium pharaonis) can produce a lot of damage to medical equipment if it reaches some hospital and it can also transfer various diseases. 

Different types of ants can cause different damages. Some of them can cause material damage to power cables, electronics while others can destroy wooden items (fences etc.). Ants can be easily spotted when they enter a house or an apartment because they linger near food and water sources. They are especially fond of food rich in sugar and proteins. Ants often move on surface that is dirty and there is a high chance of transmission of infectious agents. Their bite can cause anaphylactic shock in people that are allergic to formic acid. Even if they don’t reach the house, they can ruin the garden by consuming the plants. 

A lot of people use insecticidal sprays against ants but these sprays can actually worsen the situation. They just make the ants avoid the areas that are sprayed but they always find another way to reach the food and water sources. Ants have strong jaws and even if the whole area is sprayed they can eat through materials to reach their destination.

This is the reason why you need professional help in dealing with ants. If you are living in Portland, Oregon feel free to call our pest control company and we’ll be glad to solve your ant problem.

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As we approach Thanksgiving this year….. kicking off the Christmas Holiday Season I would like to sincerely thank all of you for another wonderful year here in the Portland, Vancouver Area.

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It is our hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season and a prosperous New Year!

The 5 Most Insane Methods of Pest Control Ever


Getting a job as an exterminator is probably the only professional venue left for the person who excels at wiping out Mother Nature’s precious little children (or at least the last one that doesn’t violate some kind of international treaty). But while you may technically be snuffing out millions of lives every day, your flagging murderection says that the reality of the profession is actually pretty boring. Well, no longer! We give you …

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Excellent Book on Ants

Dr. Eleanors Book of Common Ants

Book Description


Dr. Eleanor is an entomologist with a knack for telling good stories, especially about the secret lives of her favorite insects: the ANTS! In this new guide to the common ants of North America, Dr. Eleanor delights readers young and old with tales of our tiny insect neighbors. Her stories of the heroes and villains that tiptoe around us are brought to life in this interactive new eBook by the vibrant photographs of Alex Wild.

Funding for Dr. Eleanor’s Book of Common Ants has been generously provided by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and the National Science Foundation.

For full story click link ———>    http://www.yourwildlife.org/ibook-of-common-ants/

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