Nervously Checking Hotel Rooms for Bedbugs

How to avoid bringing home a nasty souvenir — bedbugs — from a trip.

I confess. I’m one of those people who has become neurotic about bedbugs while traveling. I check every hotel room to make sure I’m not sharing it with unwanted insect guests who will hitchhike home on my suitcase or clothing and raise havoc.

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Nice Ant Weather in Portland

Finally Some Beautiful Ant Weather in Portland

How are you liking this beautiful weather in the Portland, Vancouver area? Nice huh? Guess who else likes the warmer temps…..ANTS!

It’s looking like ant weather may be starting a little early this year. We are already getting carpenter ant calls.

Carpenter ants are of the larger size variety and can sometimes emerge with wings. If you are seeing carpenter ants inside your home…especially ones with wings….you very likely have a well established nest inside your home.

Just like termites…carpenter ants are wood destroyers. If left unchecked….Ant Weather Pest Control Portland Vancouver they can do significant damage to the structure of your home.

Carpenter ants are an important part of the environment……they help keep our forests healthy by helping break down sick trees but here in the Portland, Vancouver area….carpenter ants are a huge threat to our homes.

If you are seeing carpenter ants inside your home and want them gone…call us Toll Free at (855)ANTWORK.

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