How to DIY Pest Extermination at Home

As a home owner, there are a few things that you will always have to deal with at home. These include pests that come in different sizes and kinds that can be quite the bother if you do not take measures to take care of them. For those who can afford the charges, a professional pest exterminator is the best, but do not worry if you can as there are ways that you can get rid of pests on your own. There are different methods for different pests which you need to master and of course how to do it correctly.

Cockroach Extermination

This is one of the most common pests to find in any home whose infestation can literally drive you crazy. There are four major types of cockroaches; namely American, brown banded, oriental and German. Knowing the kind of cockroach that inhabits your home is your first step towards knowing the best method to exterminate them. Using pesticides is a short-term and ineffective way of pest extermination; glue traps and boric acid are much more preferred methods. Boric acid, for one, works by killing the cockroach form the inside out and is effective against both the adult roaches and their eggs.

Rats and Mice

These are other very destructive pests that can infest both in and out of the house. It is not easy to know that you have a mice infestation unless you are really keen or the infestation is at a really advanced stage. Mice are naturally nocturnal animals, which is what makes noticing them difficult as it is almost impossible to see them during the day. Some signs that you may have a rat infestation include droppings, which are usually tiny dark droppings, shredded paper or wood and scratched doors or floors. A mice infestation needs to be taken care of immediately; the method depends on the intensity if the infestation. If it is a large infestation, then you need to use poison which comes in powder, pellets, and liquid form. This need to be mixed with some bait such as meat or sugary substances then set in an area you would usually find the droppings. Other methods include glue traps and the traditional traps which are suited for less serious infestations.

Bedbugs and Fleas

Unlike popular misconception, these pests are not only brought by untidy places, they can also be brought in through clothes, furniture, and luggage. They are some of the hardest to exterminate due to their resilience and tiny form. However, keeping your place clean can assist a lot as it will make noticing them very easy. If you have pets, make sure they are sprayed and clean often to avoid fleas that they may bring into the house. Bedbugs are naturally destroyed by dedicated use of liquid bedbug spray; you may have to do this a couple of times to ensure that you’ve got all of them out.


Whenever you notice a pest infestation of any kind in your home, always treat it as a serious one as this will prevent spreading into a much more serious one which is more difficult to handle and you may need to call a pest extermination company.


Antworks Pest Control Tacoma

An ant infestation in your home can be very troublesome. You never know when a stream of them will march through your kitchen or other living spaces. Ants can get in from the outside through the smallest of openings. If you block off one entrance, the ants will likely find another. Unless you know where the nest is, it is very difficult to control their access. When you feel like ants are taking over your house and your ant problem is getting out of hand, you need to call in a professional service….Antworks Pest Control Tacoma… to eradicate them.

Antworks Pest Control is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Angies List and is locally, family owned and operated.

The company website at has extensive information on the services that they provide. If you want to know their approach in tackling the ant problems, you can read more about that on their website. There is information on the methods and materials that they use.

The explanation on the particular exterminating agent that they use on ants is very informative. It is helpful that a company takes so much time in educating the public about ant control. It gives customers more options that they can consider. The more information that a potential customer gets, the more able he is in making an informed decision on the pest control company that he should use.

One sign of an honest company is that it encourage you to leave reviews on their services. On the website, there is a page with links to popular review sites where customers can freely go to leave a review on the company. Only a business who is confident in its ability to offer excellent service to its customers would be brave enough to do this.

There is also a page for customer testimonials where you can read about the good works that the company has done for its customers. That gives you an idea on how satisfied the company’s clients are.

The website also has a number of blog posts on ant infestation removal. It has helpful tips for the homeowner on how to fortify the home against ant invasions. The fact is, there are many things that a homeowner can do to discourage ants from coming inside the house. A few examples are caulking gaps around the window sills, vacuuming and cleaning the floor often so no food debris will attract the pests.

These and other practical tips that the company provides are very helpful to the homeowner in maintaining a pest-free house. Of course, there will be times when an infestation will happen anyway. In that case, it is comforting to know that there is a reliable company like Antworks Pest Control Tacoma who can be there when you need them.

Common pests that can invade homes in the Portland area.

Portland Oregon is a beautiful area. It is filled with breathtaking views of waterfronts, forests and mountains. Residents of the area have an inviting mixture of terrain and environments that can come with both benefits and challenges. Each season can present a unique challenge in pest management, in particular the spring time. Well trained Portland pest control companies can help residents manage and prevent infestations from the usual suspects such as termites, spiders, roached, rodents, as well as the following common pests of the area. Of any potential pests, these are the most nuisance causing ones you don’t want to mess around with by trying to get rid of them on your own.

They sneak in during the fall and emerge in spring; the box elder bug.

Ask any Portland pest control company what is one of the biggest Spring complaints and they will tell you it is the box elder bug. While it may have other names, such as maple bug or the zug, these infamous red and black beetles make their way inside when the weather begins to turn cold. When Spring roles around they emerge in droves and can be quite the nuisance. Their sneaky nature and tendency to find the deepest, darkest, and hardest to reach nooks and crannies to settle down in for hibernation can make them a challenging pest. The key to controlling them is taking preventative measures to keep them from getting in.

Another common pest is the ant.

Aside from the emergence of pesky beetles, various species of ants tend become more of a problem during Spring. According to Portland pest control companies, the top three species that pester residents are carpenter, odorous, and pharaoh ants. Carpenters can be the most annoying because they damage wood and compromise the integrity of structures. Odorous ants, also called sugar ants, love sweets and give off a horrible stench when squashed. Pharaoh ants can be especially hard to get rid of without professional help because they don’t need to swarm to create new colonies. Their response to when people try to destroy the colony with over the counter products is to start making more colonies. If not handled correctly a small problem can grow quite large, very quickly.

One of the most annoying pests in the Portland area is the bedbug.

Bedbugs have become an increasing problem all over the country. When it comes to dealing with them, most people have learned that using a Portland pest control company works best. These nasty little things are an extreme nuisance and can survive up to an entire year without eating. This means that if they get inside furniture, even if its not used for a while, there is a chance that can re-emerge when the conditions are suitable for them. Warm weather tends to drive them to search for more food, so Spring and Summer are prime seasons to see larger infestations crop up. They spread quickly and require a lot of work to get rid of. Of any potential pests, these are ones you don’t want to mess around with by trying to get rid of them on your own.

3 Signs You May Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are reddish, small parasitic insects that survive solely on human and animal blood. While you may think that their name stems from the fact that they are found under mattresses, they are associated with your bed because they feed on their prey while they are sleeping. Since these insects cannot fly, they are usually found close to their feeding areas. If you suspect that your room has been infested by bed bugs, there are some telltale signs you should keep your eyes open for.

While searching through the bed frames, headboards, cracks, and anywhere within a distance of eight feet from where you sleep, look for these three signs. 

Rust Colored Stains – One of the most prominent signs of a bed bugs infestation is rusty colored blood stains. These blood spots are actually the fecal material these bed bugs excrete. These can be found on your sheets and on pillows, but you have to look closely since they are quite small. The stains can also be found on furniture close to the bed

Bumps on Your Skin – Another sign is the appearance of bumps on your skin as a result of bites. If you see a red, swollen patch of skin, you probably have these pests at your home. Bed bug bites are usually painless as the pests release an anticoagulant agent along with an anesthetic agent, making it difficult for people to realize that they are being bitten. Many may mistake these bites for mosquito or flea bites. However, you can differentiate bedbug bites by checking if you have several of these bites in a row or as a cluster of bites. In this case, you need a professional to rid you of these. 

A Funky Smell – A sweet musty odor is also an indication of the presence of bed bugs. The smell is the result of a chemical which they produce to communicate with one another.  

Most bedbug bites are usually not a public health or a medical hazard, but they may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Therefore, call in the professionals and get your home bed bug free quickly and efficiently. Contact Antworks today to learn how we can help your bed bug infestation.

Myths and Facts about Bed Bugs | Portland Pest Control

There are a lot of people who never encountered bed bugs and the reason for that is simple – bed bugs were almost exterminated two or three decades ago. Thanks to DDT (organochloride), disinfection was very successful. However, many decades ago many countries banned the use of DDT because of it harmful properties that can damage human health too. People are not really familiar with these bugs and how they can be exterminated and that’s why we are presenting you a list of myths and facts about bed bugs.

Myth: Bed bugs are dangerous only during the night

Fact: Although these bugs are usually most active before sunrise, if you want to get rid of them don’t stand and wait the night. Bed bugs are taking any opportunity to bite you and feed themselves, so if you go to bed late at night they can easily adjust and bite you during the morning.

Myth: Bed bugs are difficult to find because they are not visible with naked eye

Fact: The truth is that fully grown bed bugs can be easily spotted. They have red or brown color and they can be seen clearly especially on white sheet. Even if you can’t see them the constant itching when you wake up will definitely confirm their presence.

Myth: Placing your bed outside the house during winter period can kill the bed bugs

Fact: Just like many other insects, bed bugs are very hard to exterminate. They don’t like the cold but according to many experts bed bugs can stay alive for days on temperatures below zero so you won’t accomplish anything by placing your bed outside.

Myth: Bed bug bites look the same on every person

Fact: It is easy to recognize bug bites but it’s not that easy to tell if they were made by bed bugs. The bites usually come in groups but around 30% of people don’t react to these bites or have only one or two visible marks on their bodies.

Myth: Bed bugs cannot spread any harmful disease

Fact: Although it’s true that these insects cannot transmit any harmful disease, they can worsen allergies and asthma in people that are already suffering from these medical conditions. 

Myth: Except the bed, all other furniture is safe from bed bugs

Fact: The reason why bed bugs usually dwell in our beds is because we spend most of our day in the bed. That’s why they can also be found in our living rooms (chairs, couches), offices and places where there are a lot of people at the same time (cinema, restaurants, public transportation etc.). 

Myth: I can get rid of bed bugs completely on my own

Fact: You can find a lot of sprays and other products against bed bugs. But the truth is that by using almost all of these products you will only spread bed bugs in other places of your home or even in your neighborhood. The best solution to deal with bed bugs is to call a professional pest service, such as Antworks Pest Control.

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CDC Report: Injuries related to Bed Bug Treatments


In September 2011, the CDC released a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report of interest to anyone with bed bugs, or that fears bed bugs: 

Since not everyone thinks reading a 10-page technical CDC report is a fun dinnertime activity, here is a summary.  The CDC analyzed data from what’s called the SENSOR system -– state public health folks and poison control offices report certain categories of injuries and occupational hazards to a national database.

For the Story in it’s entirety check out