Home and Garden Pests Typical for Oregon

Your Oregon home would also be home to creeping bugs, ants, spiders and fleas for most times of the year. Many of these home and garden pests typical for Oregon do not have any special weakness for any weather extreme. When the weather is favorable, they would just lay eggs and multiply. When they are hungry, they will keep feeding on a lot of things in and around your home and not just wood, when it gets biting cold they would just hide and wait for the mercury to rise and you would have one outbreak after another.

You must know that there are innumerable variants of most insects, pests and spiders that we usually have common names for. So when we talk of pest control and highlight some common insects, spiders, ants and fleas to be aware of, we are simply highlighting the species. There will be many variants, wherein some are recognized subspecies and some are just local offshoots of the larger species.

  • You would have to deal with bed bugs. Official known as Cimex lectularius, beg bugs are not unique to Oregon. They are not fatal and they don’t usually spread any kind of disease nor cause any concerning infection. Yet, they are irritating, uncomfortable and unbearable. The constant blood sucking bed bugs are certainly not the companions you want on bed. You should also know that one beg bug can lay as many as five eggs in a day and can give birth to five hundred bed bugs in a lifetime. A small infestation can become a farm of beg bugs raised by you as your blood is their food.
  • Fleas or Siphonaptera will be unavoidable if you have pets. Households that don’t have pets are not very vulnerable to fleas. Just as you would get the mattress disinfected and your bedroom as well as the house treated by pest control to get rid of bed bugs, you need to use pest control to eliminate fleas from your home. You should also consult a vet to keep your pets safe and you must clean your house including vacuuming more frequently than you do now.
  • Ticks are not as common as bed bugs but they are more dangerous. Official known as Dermacentor andersonii and Ixodes pacificus, Oregon has to deal with two types of ticks. One is the black legged tick and the other is the Rocky Mountain wood tick. The black-legged tick can spread Lyme disease. Ticks can be easily carried into your home by mice and pets.

You should also guard your home against the western black widow or Latrodectus Hesperus, hobo spider or Tegenaria agrestis, ants or Hymenoptera, carpenter ants or Camponotus, termites or Zootermopsis angusticollis and the common American cockroach.



Reliable Pest Control Methods You Can Use

Pest Invasion in your garden can be very stressing and disgusting especially when they start eating the leaves of your trees and destroy the image of your garden.  Eliminating them requires complete devotion where multiple methods should be used to counter attack their spread and eliminate them from the compound. They breed and multiply at a quick rate making them to invade every place before you realize that they are existing in your garden or compound. Eradicating pests is not a one day task, it requires step by step moves that target the invaded areas and the hiding places to ensure that pests are completely finished. Below are the most effective types of pest control methods that can be used for maximum eradication.

Prevent the Invasion of Pests

Prevention is better than cure, this is definitely true because it is cheaper and easier to prevent pest invasion than to eliminate them. Block all the possible entry channels of pests, all the kind of wastes and food disposals that could attract pests. Make sure that you keep your garden clean and survey it frequently so that you discover any sorts of pest invasion and control it early. When pests are combated early or prevented completely, they won’t destroy anything in the garden.

Biological Pests Control Methods

This is among the ultimate insect control methods that can be used without any side effects. The method involves the use of predators that will hunt and eat all the pests in the garden to reduce their spread. If used alone, it might not be that effective, but it needs to be supplemented with other methods so that pests become full eliminated from the garden. The praying mantis, the Mongooses, and cats, have been widely used in the gardens to reduce pest invasion.

Chemical Methods of Pests Control

Chemical pest control methods are the most effective methods of pest control, but they need to be done by specialized professionals to ensure reasonable application and avoid poisoning. There are different calibers of chemicals that attack specific stages of pest growth which is why they should be applied after analysis of the whole garden. When chemicals are applied carelessly, they might not fully eradicate the pests. Fumigation is another chemical method that completely removes all pests from the garden.

Physical Pest Control Methods

Physical methods have always been underestimated because they look traditional and people trust modern methods than any physical method. They include the physical picking of the pests by use of hands and destroying the breeding places to ensure that you them completely. The use of poisoned baits is also utilized where you keep food for the pests on the baits for the pests to come and die as they come to it.

The Secret Tricks by the Ant Exterminator Revealed

Most people will immediately call the pest exterminator the moment they see an insect or a rodent inside their house.  When the team of pest control arrived at their home, they will either step outside of their house or shut their eyes and ears until the work of the exterminator is done.  But instead of cowering in fear, there are a lot of things that you can learn on the ant exterminator to avoid the future pest infestation or even how to control the pests that are already present in your home.  In this article, we will reveal some of their tricks and secrets.

Keeping Your House Clean Won’t Be Enough

Ant Exterminator Vancouver WA said that most insect specifically ant will be attracted on the scent of your food.  Perhaps there is an open bag on chips in your kitchen counter or a dirty dish, but cleaning them won’t be enough.  Ants can also get attracted with moist.  The moisture level plays a significant role in their sustainability and their attraction.  Leaving the areas damp can attract these pests.  Make sure to drain your decorative pond and clean your gutter regularly.

Analyzing your Pest

When an ant extermination company visited your house, the first thing that they will do is to analyze the type of infestation that you have.  They will examine the way they mobilize, the amount of visible body segments, the number of legs, the location where you find them and its place of origination.  After analyzing these essential factors, the pest control company will then devise the most suitable method in controlling the infestation.  Remember that there are times that following the trail of red ants inside your house will lead you to a pack of candy hidden under your carpet.


In case there is an ant infestation in your house, the ant exterminator believes that gel baits are still the ideal tool to control the ants.  You should avoid using OTC (over-the-counter) sprays, especially in your kitchen countertops.  Sprays will only kill the ants that are present while the hidden 95% of the ants will survive.  Gel Bait will create a slow result, but it is still more effective compared to sprays.  Avoid using gel and spray at the same time.  Spray will discourage the ant from taking the gel bait.

Ant Exterminator Vancouver WA also recommends the granular baits when taking care of the fire ants.  It is affordable, effective and safe to your pets, environment and to your family.  Use them at least 3 times annually during summer, fall and spring.

In case you really need the help of the ant extermination company, you should seek the help of a reputable pest control company.  They are well aware on the type and amount of product to use to achieve the best result while maintaining the safety of your home and environment.



How to DIY Pest Extermination at Home

As a home owner, there are a few things that you will always have to deal with at home. These include pests that come in different sizes and kinds that can be quite the bother if you do not take measures to take care of them. For those who can afford the charges, a professional pest exterminator is the best, but do not worry if you can as there are ways that you can get rid of pests on your own. There are different methods for different pests which you need to master and of course how to do it correctly.

Cockroach Extermination

This is one of the most common pests to find in any home whose infestation can literally drive you crazy. There are four major types of cockroaches; namely American, brown banded, oriental and German. Knowing the kind of cockroach that inhabits your home is your first step towards knowing the best method to exterminate them. Using pesticides is a short-term and ineffective way of pest extermination; glue traps and boric acid are much more preferred methods. Boric acid, for one, works by killing the cockroach form the inside out and is effective against both the adult roaches and their eggs.

Rats and Mice

These are other very destructive pests that can infest both in and out of the house. It is not easy to know that you have a mice infestation unless you are really keen or the infestation is at a really advanced stage. Mice are naturally nocturnal animals, which is what makes noticing them difficult as it is almost impossible to see them during the day. Some signs that you may have a rat infestation include droppings, which are usually tiny dark droppings, shredded paper or wood and scratched doors or floors. A mice infestation needs to be taken care of immediately; the method depends on the intensity if the infestation. If it is a large infestation, then you need to use poison which comes in powder, pellets, and liquid form. This need to be mixed with some bait such as meat or sugary substances then set in an area you would usually find the droppings. Other methods include glue traps and the traditional traps which are suited for less serious infestations.

Bedbugs and Fleas

Unlike popular misconception, these pests are not only brought by untidy places, they can also be brought in through clothes, furniture, and luggage. They are some of the hardest to exterminate due to their resilience and tiny form. However, keeping your place clean can assist a lot as it will make noticing them very easy. If you have pets, make sure they are sprayed and clean often to avoid fleas that they may bring into the house. Bedbugs are naturally destroyed by dedicated use of liquid bedbug spray; you may have to do this a couple of times to ensure that you’ve got all of them out.


Whenever you notice a pest infestation of any kind in your home, always treat it as a serious one as this will prevent spreading into a much more serious one which is more difficult to handle and you may need to call a pest extermination company.


Ant Exterminator Services – The Things to Consider

Thinking about ant exterminator? Now, the truth is that having to deal with ants is definitely rather bothersome and quite challenging. There are different considerations that you’d have to account for. If the situation has gotten out of control because of your failed attempt or inability to interfere on time, you should most definitely go ahead and take advantage of the services offered by an ant extermination company. However, there are a lot of different ant extermination solutions that you can easily take advantage of in order to handle this by yourself. So, let’s take a look at some of the things that you could do.

Use Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is something which is going to quickly dispose of the ants by killing them almost immediately. If you want to get rid of the ants in a timely manner while the infestation isn’t yet entirely spread, spray cayenne pepper on their trails abundantly and enjoy the results.

Use Lemon Water

The acidity which is encountered in lemon and lemon water is particularly high. This is the main reason for which the ants are going to die when they consume it. Sprinkle lemon water abundantly where the infestation is, and this is definitely going to help you through with the problem.

Certain Essential Oils

There are some essential oils such as tea tree essential oil which are most definitely going to get rid of the ants in a quick and convenient matter. Of course, you would have to go to a specialized shop to purchase it.

Trust a Professional Ant Exterminator 

This is without a doubt the most highly effective way to deal with infestation, especially if it is widespread. This is something that you would need to account for if you have failed to interfere on time or you haven’t used the proper ant extermination method. With this in mind, a professional is going to take care of the situation in a prompt and efficient manner which is most definitely going to be effective. They use special ant-extermination substances and solutions which aren’t harmful to the environment but are particularly powerful when it comes to killing ants. With this in mind, you should be well aware of the fact that this is not only going to kill the current ants but it’s going to destroy the root of the infestation, thus ensuring that everything is handled professionally and in-depth and that there are no more potential infestation causes.

Contact professional ant exterminators!

How to keep ants out of your house

Ants are small dirty little insects that you would never want to have in your house. Luckily there are quite a few ways to keep the ants out of your house and chase them out when they’re already inside. And when you aren’t capable of controlling the plague yourself then you can always call an ant exterminator, which we’ll be discussing as well. Just continue reading to find out about all the tips

Keep your house and kitchen clean

To prevent ant extermination from being necessary you want to keep your house and especially your kitchen clean. This means that you should never leave dirty dishes anywhere, vacuum your house regularly, and never leave any sticky residue somewhere. So, remove all jelly and honey from the outside of pots. If there is anything that will attract ants to your house, then it is honey on the outside of the jar. You should also avoid leaving organic trash at any place, because it will not only attract ants but other insects and rodents too. Keep your house clean to keep the ants exterminator out of your house.

Close any entrances

When you have noticed that there is a specific spot where ants always enter the house then it can help to close this entrance with glue, plaster, putty or anything else. I must add that this will only work when you are only dealing with a couple of ants. When you have, entire colonies entering your house then there is nothing else that you can do but to get some ants exterminating.

Using odours to chase them away

When there are only a couple of ants bugging you then releasing a certain smell that they do not like could scare them all away. Things that you could use for this are mint leaves, garlic cloves, lavender oil or camphor. These are just some of the smells that ants hate. When you place some of these near an entrance they will most likely turn around and leave your house alone.

Calling the ant exterminator

When the problem is getting out of hand and the ants are taking over your house then there is nothing left to do but calling the ants exterminator. When you live around Portland Ant works Pest control is an example of a company that can get the ant extermination done for you. The way Ant works gets rid of pests of ants is different from most companies, they use a method that will not require a lot of repellent but will keep all the ants away. They promise to get rid of all the ants that inhabit your house and keep them away. Isn’t that what you want out of ant exterminating.

These ways were only a couple of the many methods you can find on the internet. If you are not liking any of these, then you can always continue looking until you find something that is right for you. And when you have no idea how to solve the problem then it is probably best that you call the ants exterminator. They will take over the entire issue for you and can get rid of all the ants in one go and prevent them from ever returning to your house. No matter what you want, there is a way for everyone to get rid of ants


Top 5 Tips for Getting Bed Bugs Out of Your Car

If you think that bed bugs can only attack at home, you are sadly mistaken. There are many cases, where car owners have found the little critters hiding in the seats of their car as well. From theaters to dorm rooms and from hotels to schools, bed bugs are very resilient and can live anywhere. Even in the tight, cozy space of the car that you drive every day. If you suspect or have found, bed bugs in your car, your best bet is to call in professional pest control to help get rid of the problem. However, there are a few other tips to help you get the bed bugs to move out of your car listed below.

Keep Your Car Clean

Although it has come to light that bed bugs can live anywhere and you don’t have to be dirty in order to find out you have a bed bug infestation, keeping your car clean is the first step towards preventing a reoccurrence of a bed bug infestation. Remember, one bug can lay from 200 to 250 eggs just in her lifetime, which means there is no way you can get them all in one fell swoop. In order to keep bed bugs away, make sure to keep your car clutter-free, as bed bugs love places where they can hide.

Wash the Seat Covers and Floor Mats

If you want to get rid of or prevent bugs from invading your car, make sure that you take out and wash the seat covers and floor mats with hot soapy water. Washing these items on a regular basis gives you the chance to kill any lingering bed bugs. It also gives you the chance to inspect the mats and covers for any signs that the bed bugs have returned. Once washed, dry these things on high heat and inspect them once again before putting them back into your car. While this may seem like overkill to some, bed bugs can hide in every nook and cranny to avoid detection and before you know it, you are infested and calling the pest control professional in to take care of the problem once again.

Call in Pest Control

If you have inspected your car and know for a fact that you have a bed bug infestation, it’s best not to try to get rid of the bugs yourself. Not only are you going to fail but in the end, you will end up taking the bugs into your home and having an infestation there as well. Instead, call your local pest control company to ensure that the infestation is taken care of the right way and quickly as well.

These are just a few tips to help you get rid of and prevent a bed bug infestation in your car. Make sure to clean it on a regular basis and call in the professionals from All About Ants at the first signs of an infestation.

Top Tips for Preparing for Autumn Pests

Fall is here, and it won’t be long before the temperatures dip for enough down that it won’t be fit to be outside for man or beast. If you feel that the chill in the air is a little too much for you, you can be sure that the pests in your yard feel the same way and will be looking for a way in out of the cold. Of course, to them your home looks warm, inviting, and full of the food they need to get them through the fall and winter months. Reputable pest control can take care of that problem for you, but there are other ways that you can prepare for the autumn pests as well, read on below for a few of them.

Call in Pest Control

The number one way to prepare for pests to invade your home this autumn is by having a regularly scheduled visit planned out with your pest control company. If you have a company that comes out once a month, then you know that you are well covered and will have no problems with pests invading your home. An exterminator can catch the signs of infestation before they really get started and ensure that your home is protected all fall and winter long.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

Before it gets too cold, you need to walk around your property and inspect windows, doors, attics, and crawlspaces. If you see any spots where insects can get in, then you should have those sealed and blocked so that it’s not easy to get into your home. Inspecting the inside of your home is a good idea as well. Remember, not all pests are insects. Rodents look for places to ride out the chilly temps of fall and coldness of winter as well. Look under your sinks, behind washing machines and dryers, and anywhere else where a hole could be just big enough for a pest to slip through. Making sure to block all of the entrances will go a long way towards keeping your home pest free this autumn and upcoming winter.

Check Attics, Crawlspaces, and Basements

Many homeowners forget about the attics, crawlspaces, and basements when they are inspecting their homes in the autumn months. While Halloween is just around the corner, you really don’t want the creepy crawlies at your house to be real. Making sure to check these out of the way areas is a great way to make sure that the creepy crawlies don’t take up residence in your home this year.

Performing these types of checks on your home in the fall will save you a lot of hassle once the snow starts to fall. After all, no one wants to share their home with uninvited guests over the holidays, now do they. For more information on how to protect your home from autumn pests, make sure to contact the professionals at All About Ants today. Agents are standing by to help you.

Top 5 Myths About Urban Pests Revealed

While you know that you don’t want bees on your property or ants on the counters of your home, what you probably don’t know is that there are some myths associated with urban pests that you might want to consider. Of course, with any of these urban pests it is best to call in reputable pest control to take care of the problem, but the myths being dispelled can help you as well. With that being said, read on below for a few of the top urban myths about urban pests.

Bees can Only Sting You Once

 While it is true that bees die after stinging, that is only because the stinger rips half of their stomach out once it gets stuck in your skin. Bees can sting other bees and still be able to sting you as well.

Boiling Water Takes Care of Ants

 Pouring boiling water onto an ant hill will kill the ants that are on the surface. However, by the time it makes its way to the queen, the water is cool enough not to have an effect. This means that the ants will come back, just probably in another location.

Mice Are Addicted to Cheese

 While a mouse certainly won’t turn down cheese that is left in their path, they actually prefer food with a higher sugar content. If you are looking to catch a mouse, the experts at most pest control companies say that you should use muesli, peanut butter or dried fruits instead to bait a trap.

Cockroaches Survive Without Their Heads Attached

 This one is sort of true, but not completely. The heads of cockroaches are actually used to drink, so once the head is gone, they should die. However, female roaches can live for weeks with no water, if that tells you anything. Cockroaches can also hold their breath for up to 40 minutes so drowning one is about impossible.

Bed Bugs Only Live in Filth

The idea that bed bugs only invade places that aren’t clean is nothing but a myth. Five-star hotels have started to report bed bug activity in their rooms in recent years, and they are cleaned on a daily basis. Bed bugs can actually live wherever they find a home and are extremely hard to get rid of once you have them. The bugs are most often picked up in hotel rooms, dorms, theaters, or anywhere that you walk or set down your suitcases or purses. They can even get on your shoes and the cuffs of your pants. Your best bet is to make sure that you call in reputable pest control to treat them as soon as you realize you have an infestation.

These are only a few of the most common myths about urban pests that you should know. From bed bugs to ants, there are myths that can prevent you from knowing all of the facts. For more information, contact the professionals at All About Ants today for help.