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The pros and cons of removing spiders completely from your home

Spiders are one among the many prevalent household pests and research indicates that two out of three homes have spiders. At the same time, arachnophobia is most common creature-based fear. Since a young age, a very bad perception about spiders is ingrained in our brains and we live with it until our adulthood. This is … Continue reading “The pros and cons of removing spiders completely from your home”

Myths about termites revealed

Termites are every homeowner’s nightmare, and they are the last thing one wants to see in his home. Termites can cause extensive damage to your home if their menace is not well taken care of. However, termites are a group of insects that many people have petite information about. There are many myths about termites … Continue reading “Myths about termites revealed”

Top Tips for Removing Rats from Your Attic

Similar to other rodents, rats are always quick to take up residence in your home, particularly in a less populated area, such as the walls or attic. Once they have found shelter there, it can be daunting to get rid of them and keep them off not unless you have the right advice. Rats are … Continue reading “Top Tips for Removing Rats from Your Attic”

The Top 4 Reasons Not to Share Your Home with Mice

Rodents such as mice may be small in size, but they are known to cause major problems to those who share a home with them. That is because they are small in size, and they can squeeze themselves through tiny holes to enter any place. Furthermore, these small creatures are difficult to find because they … Continue reading “The Top 4 Reasons Not to Share Your Home with Mice”

Top DIY Tips for Preventing Ants from Invading Your Home

Ants infestation can be dealt with naturally. These methods can be deterrents whereby they deter the ants from coming to your house, which has shown to work well with mild ant problems, or a measure that kills the entire ant colony. Ants enter houses seeking shelter or searching for food. They have a liking for … Continue reading “Top DIY Tips for Preventing Ants from Invading Your Home”

Top 3 Reasons You Might Need to Call Pest Control

When you see a large army of ants crawling across your kitchen floor, your home has been infiltrated. Of course, ants aren’t the most difficult pest to deal with as you might already know. While noticing the army of ants is a good reason to call a pest control service, you need to know the … Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons You Might Need to Call Pest Control”

Top 3 Signs that You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are definitely one group of pests that can be the most problematic in a home. It’s not just what they do that is bad but also the fact that it can be difficult to get rid of them. In fact, it’s not a problem you want to take on yourself, as there is … Continue reading “Top 3 Signs that You Have Bed Bugs”

Top 5 Myths About Mice Revealed

While some cartoons might portray mice as cute and cuddly as they scamper around the Christmas tree or run from that darned cat that can’t ever seem to catch them, in reality if you have one cute and cuddly mice you can pretty much be sure that you have a ton. That is why it’s … Continue reading “Top 5 Myths About Mice Revealed”

Top 4 Myths About Mosquito’s Revealed

Summer is coming: Myths about mosquitos revealed. Summer is well on the way and with it comes a yard full of mosquitoes. It is impossible to get away from them, and the little bloodsuckers are everywhere. With the steadily increasing blood borne diseases that are carried by mosquitoes it is more important than ever to … Continue reading “Top 4 Myths About Mosquito’s Revealed”

The Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

The Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Pest Control Dealing with any sort of household pest can be a nightmare. Whether you’re trying to address an insect problem or get rid of pesky rodents, pest control can be completely overwhelming to most individuals. While some people coping with this problem will simply pick up the phone … Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control”