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Rock Band “Ants in the Kitchen” Rockin the Bagdad Theater

I was turned on to these guys by one of my Facebook friends. Their name caught my attention so I went to their website at I listened to a couple of songs they played and they ROCK! I am gonna try to go to the event and park out front somewhere with my bug … Continue reading “Rock Band “Ants in the Kitchen” Rockin the Bagdad Theater”

Excellent Bedbug Documentary on Animal Planet

“Bedbug Apocalypse” playing on Animal Planet tomorrow (Saturday 8-20-11) at 4 and again at 11pm. You can also catch it Thursday 8-25-11 at 7 and 10pm. If you miss those check the Animal Planet website for future showings.

Carpenter Ants in a Portland Attic

Carpenter Ants with Eggs. This attic showed no signs of moisture. But it did have alot of tree to roof contact. Here in the Portland, OR. – Vancouver WA. area…vegetation and trees do alot of growing. For the most part thats a good thing. For optimal pest control here in the Pacific North West…It’s important … Continue reading “Carpenter Ants in a Portland Attic”

Mid-Summer Pests in Pacific North West

Have you walked out your front door and felt that familiar tug of webbing across your face? Seems like you can walk the same path everyday and hit those all too familiar tiny cables laid by our 8 legged friends. Yes…Spiders are here in force! The good news is spiders actually help keep other insects … Continue reading “Mid-Summer Pests in Pacific North West”

Pest Control in the Portland, Vancouver area after the 4th of July

It’s after July 4th, 2011 and just about everybody has spent some some time around the outside of your homes recently. You may have noticed some ant, spider, hornet and other activity along with all the BBQ and fireworks. This is actually a good thing! All of these insects actually help keep other insect species … Continue reading “Pest Control in the Portland, Vancouver area after the 4th of July”


If you live or work in the Portland, Vancouver Metro Area then you have seen or heard of those pesky little ants people call sugar ants. These ants love moisture related areas inside our homes and offices. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms are favorite places for this pest. Did you know that most major pest control … Continue reading “PEST CONTROL | PORTLAND | BEAVERTON | TIGARD | TUALITIN | WEST LINN | OREGON CITY | GRESHAM | VANCOUVER”

Finally…Spring has Sprung…Ants in the Portland – Vancouver Area

With temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s…it’s pretty much a guarantee we will see lots of ant activity outside. That’s ok because ants are a necessary part of the environment. THAT’S RIGHT…I (AN EXTERMINATOR) JUST SAID PESTS ARE GOOD! They actually help break down matter which keeps our planet constantly recycling…We just don’t want them … Continue reading “Finally…Spring has Sprung…Ants in the Portland – Vancouver Area”

Portland, Vancouver Pest Control

Here we are almost half way through April and the high temperature today barely reached 50 degrees. Freezing level is supposed to be at around 1000 ft. tonight. No wonder the ants are hunkered down inside your kitchen and bathroom. Call Antworks Pest Control and cut us lose on your ant problem. With all that … Continue reading “Portland, Vancouver Pest Control”