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Bug Eaters of the World Unite

The Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations (FAO) in 2013 stated: From ants to beetle larvae, crispy-fried locusts to beetles, it is estimated that insect-eating is practiced regularly by at least two billion people worldwide. However, when the subject of entomophagy (the human use of insects as food) rises in a Western household we usually … Continue reading “Bug Eaters of the World Unite”

The Ubiquitous Bug

If you’re one of the 6% of Americans who suffers with acute insectophobia you may want to click back to your friends on Facebook; or, why not just take a couple of deep breaths and see where this blog is headed? Someone once said Knowledge is Power, so there’s a chance we might just be … Continue reading “The Ubiquitous Bug”

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Homeowners Pests Guide to Prepare for the Summer

A lot has been written about home and garden pests on Antworks Pest Control blog, and with new Spring and Summer season ahead, it is time to refresh our knowledge and keep our home and garden pest free (as much as possible). Here are some of our tips and tricks on how to keep ants … Continue reading “Homeowners Pests Guide to Prepare for the Summer”

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Are ants dangerous or should we protect them?

Humanity considers ants to be pests, and some nasty ones at that. And sure, ants are not good in the home of any person, but they can be extremely useful in nature. So we should try to keep them away from our home, however we should respect them in nature and leave them alone! The … Continue reading “Are ants dangerous or should we protect them?”

Did you know? Antworks was on the local news! Check it out…

We were featured on KOIN News 6 for our expert advice on ant treatment. Check out the video below! The ants go marching one by one right into your home Honey dew extracts from plants near your home may attract ants

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Signs of Pests in Your House

Pests at home and work: See the signs, take precautions! By understanding why pests come into your living space you can take necessary steps to prevent infestation. WHERE TO LOOK FOR PESTS AROUND YOUR HOME Cellar Temptations: Dark, damp, cardboard and other material, vents to the outside world. Silverfish Signs and Symptoms: Holes in wallpaper … Continue reading “Signs of Pests in Your House”

Home and Garden Pests Typical for Oregon

Your Oregon home would also be home to creeping bugs, ants, spiders and fleas for most times of the year. Many of these home and garden pests typical for Oregon do not have any special weakness for any weather extreme. When the weather is favorable, they would just lay eggs and multiply. When they are … Continue reading “Home and Garden Pests Typical for Oregon”

Why pest control is so important to you?

Pest control is highly important to anyone. No matter wherever you are living in the world, you need to take measures in order to keeps the pests away from you. We always hear that there are pest management and pest control companies around you but find ourselves reluctant to take their services. Some of us … Continue reading “Why pest control is so important to you?”

INFOGRAPHIC: The Ultimate Guide to Pest Control

Check out this awesome infographic and learn how to fight specific pests at different points of the year in the United States, especially in Oregon. You can see it HERE

Reliable Pest Control Methods You Can Use

Pest Invasion in your garden can be very stressing and disgusting especially when they start eating the leaves of your trees and destroy the image of your garden.  Eliminating them requires complete devotion where multiple methods should be used to counter attack their spread and eliminate them from the compound. They breed and multiply at … Continue reading “Reliable Pest Control Methods You Can Use”