Bed Bugs

These pests are flat and brown and can grow to the size of an apple seed. They feed on blood and are most active at night. These bugs are mostly found in the bed, obviously, but live in the fabrics of most furniture, electrical outlets and picture frames, under and behind baseboards. They can also inhabit floorboards, luggage, and other belongings. Once they enter your home, it can be quite difficult to remove them.


A fast solution will not be applicable in the case of these pests. Bedbugs are excellent hiders, they repopulate in any season and can be resistant to a lot of insecticides.


They are hard to see due to their maximum size being an apple seed, but signs of their fecal matter – poop – will be found along your floors or mattress or furniture. Like snakes, they can shed their casing and cast it before growing another. They also bite and cause small red swelling on the surface of your skin. If you witness any signs of this, contact Antworks Pest Control and have us inspect your home. They are not known for causing deadly illnesses, but for people with sensitive skin or allergies could suffer under multiple bites from constant exposure. Contacting Antworks to inspect your home is best, if you suspect bedbugs…At a minimum… clean your linens in hot water and inspect your furniture for any signs of bed bug droppings.

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