Antworks has been providing guaranteed ant control and Portland ant removal services to the metro Portland area for more than eight years.

We treat Spiders, Bedbugs, Hornets and other pests, but our specialty is ants. Most Portland roach control companies will not guarantee removal of these small bugs without expensive monthly treatments, but Antworks Pest Control guarantees all of our ant treatments because we practice unique methods and use materials specifically designed for the control of these pests.

We use the Integrated Pest Management philosophy for all work we do. A big part of our roach removal strategy takes place during the inspection. During ant control inspection we try to determine why your home is being infested and make recommendations towards correction…making a more long term solution.


We take excellent care of our customers as well as the environment by NOT practicing a “one size fits all” approach like the, so called, “environmentally friendly” crowd.

From the smaller, fuel efficient vehicles we use to not requiring expensive monthly or quarterly treatments for guaranteed results and saving trees by not advertising in the major yellow page phone books, our Portland roach control philosophy and methods are truly unique.

If you still have a yellow page phone book, look under Portland roach control. Look at those full page ads….Did you notice a lot of those Portland roach removal services claim to be Green? Think about the trees that go into making the phone books that have those full page ads and multiply that by hundreds of thousands. Now think about all the vehicles and gas that goes into the delivery of all those books to all those houses. What is Green about that?


We use only the best, most effective materials and practice only the newest, state of the art methods, in order to guarantee our work and offer our Portland ant control customers better insect removal and value.

We are family owned and operated, have an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we are Angie’s List Super Service Award Winners 3 years running. If you have tried other Portland insect control companies and still have ants…call us today!


These pests are a threat in and out of your home, so it’s best to remove a nest at first sighting. They are either solitary or social. Solitary wasps are predatory, and often parasitic, laying their eggs in another living creature like a spider or caterpillar. The eggs hatch and fed on the still living host until they are full born. Social wasps serve a queen that produces the eggs and governs the rule of the nest. Social wasps are more deadly than solitary wasp, but solitary wasp should not be ignored.


Social wasp collect into colonies and when threatened can be dangerous when disturbed. These pest can be a nuisance and often dangerous, but are a help to wildlife and agriculture. Some fed on the nectar of flowers and herbs and pollinate the patch. Even though they are helpful, their aggressive behavior should not be tolerated.


Like most other insects, wasps can get into your home through small openings, or unsealed entrances into your home. It is best to use screens or protective material to keep pests and other elements where they belong – outside. Wasps thrive off the life of their nest, so that is where you get rid of your problem. Call Antworks Pest Control if you have a yellow jacket – wasp – hornet problem.

Pantry Pests

The nightly visits of bugs in your sugar or flour is enough to make you quit eating for a while, just to get the image out of your head. Pantry pests have become a new issue in the past decade due to upgraded corn meal and crops that may have been affected by insecticides over the years – the irony.

These pests can enter your home and breed within your grain products, birdseed, or pet food from your local grocery store, feed store, or natural food store. Their life stage is similar to that of flies, and populate in warm climate areas. The larva and adult stages can be found in your grains and oats, this will let you know if you have an infestation or your food is overdue, often times it’s an expiration issue. Other product they can be found in is spaghetti, dried flowers, spices, peas, dried vegetables, and nuts.


Inspect your pantry. Sift through your pasta, grain, and spices, dry pet food, birdseed, etc. Look over your shelves and clean up particles or any instances of food or grain to avoid attracting larva to infest and grow on it. Corners and holes in shelves or pantry walls are vulnerable for infestation since humidity could build moisture there. Clean thoroughly in small crevices and behind furniture and picture frames. Pheromone traps can remove the small numbers of pests and avoid the chance of an infestation. Prevention is key when it comes to pantry pests. Do not overstock your pantry with more than your household can attain. Seal opened bags and products in tightly sealed containers. Also, keep your storage areas well ventilated and dry to keep moisture-loving insects from inhabiting your pantry, even your home.

Antworks is willing to inspect your home and check to see if there is an infestation. If so, then we will take care of your pest problem.


Flies are everywhere. In any market, landfill, department store, and home. IT can be hard keeping them out of your vicinity unless you have something to ward them off or something to keep them at bay. They do not become a problem unless they are large in numbers, large in size, or largely infested with disease-carrying organisms. There are only a few common flies that roam often and do not cause immediate harm to persons or food.



Small flies breed in moist organic matter. This can be decaying vegetables or fruits, contaminated soil by drains or sewage, and of course, garbage. Some flies breed in specific warm, moist areas such as meat, cheese, cadavers, manure, and fungus along the streams where moss grows. Since there are different types of flies, some breeds may inhabit fruits and vegetables more than manure. It is important to provide them with something of their interest that will eliminate them, or something to restrict them from getting into your home. If their presence lingers too long, then they could spread disease to you or your family, either by landing on commonly used surfaces or improperly stored foods.


Clean and inspect under your refrigerator, mops, mop buckets, and trashcan. Eliminate the problem before the infestation grows and becomes a health hazard. Any places where flies can inhabit and breed needs to be cleaned regularly or eliminated from your home when not in use, such as a grill, fire pit, or grease pan. Contact Antworks Pest Control if you suspect you have a fly problem.

Bed Bugs

These pests are flat and brown and can grow to the size of an apple seed. They feed on blood and are most active at night. These bugs are mostly found in the bed, obviously, but live in the fabrics of most furniture, electrical outlets and picture frames, under and behind baseboards. They can also inhabit floorboards, luggage, and other belongings. Once they enter your home, it can be quite difficult to remove them.


A fast solution will not be applicable in the case of these pests. Bedbugs are excellent hiders, they repopulate in any season and can be resistant to a lot of insecticides.


They are hard to see due to their maximum size being an apple seed, but signs of their fecal matter – poop – will be found along your floors or mattress or furniture. Like snakes, they can shed their casing and cast it before growing another. They also bite and cause small red swelling on the surface of your skin. If you witness any signs of this, contact Antworks Pest Control and have us inspect your home. They are not known for causing deadly illnesses, but for people with sensitive skin or allergies could suffer under multiple bites from constant exposure. Contacting Antworks to inspect your home is best, if you suspect bedbugs…At a minimum… clean your linens in hot water and inspect your furniture for any signs of bed bug droppings.