Summer is Coming! Tips for Ridding Your Home of Fleas the Right Way

Summer is the best time for soaking up the sun, working in the garden, picking watermelons, and swimming in the lake. However, what isn’t so great about summer is the constant problem with fleas that most of us have to battle when you have pets. You can’t get rid of your pets of course, so you have to find some form of pest control in Portland, Oregon to rid your home and yard of these pests for good.

Of course, the pest control company can only do so much, and the rest is up to you. With that being said, read on below for some tips on how to prevent and control fleas from invading your yard, home, and pets this upcoming summer season.

For Pets

 Keep Them Healthy: Remember that parasites are only drawn to the weakest of species so keeping your animals healthy is the first line of defense. Keeping your pet’s immune system strong is imperative to keeping fleas out of your home and yard.

For Inside of the Home

 When fleas travel on your pets and into your home, it can be quite a chore to get them out again. They quickly lay eggs in the carpeting and before you know it, your home is infested with creatures that bite. The best way to get rid of fleas, of course, is to call in an exterminator to help with the process of ridding your home of fleas.

If you want to prevent them from invading to begin with, then you need to keep your carpeting vacuumed well at all times, this includes vacuuming your curtains, upholstery, and furniture on a regular basis as well. Remember, that once a flea gets on your pet and travels into your home, or gets on your pants in the grass, it will proceed to lay eggs in your carpeting or other areas that are soft and before you know it, you will have a full-blown infestation on your hands.

Make sure as well to wash all linens, pillows, and blankets that your pet is exposed too, especially in the summer months when fleas are most prevalent.

For the Outside of the Home

 The best way to prevent fleas from infesting the inside of your home is to stop them from getting into the home to begin with. Fleas usually start in your yard, attach themselves to your pet or pants legs, and then invade your home to populate and bite the people who live there. Once they are in the carpeting and upholstery, it’s beyond hard to get them out again.

Making sure to keep leaves raked and not to let them build up and become moist and damp under porches or in and around doghouses can help quite a bit. Calling in your exterminator for help is also recommended.

If you are searching for reputable pest control options, make sure to contact All About Ants today for more information.



Common Household Pests and What You Can do About Them

The pests you can find when you are spring cleaning will make many homeowners skin crawl. Of course, if you are taking advantage of the services offered by All About Ants in Portland, Oregon you don’t have to worry as much as the next guy. However, if you just haven’t had the time to get to making that call yet, or you would like to know something about the common pests you can find during spring cleaning lurking in your home, then read on below for a few of them.


Even the word cockroach is enough to send most homeowners scurrying for the phone to call All About Ants in Portland, Oregon to come exterminate and manage the problem.

These critters can be brought in on grocery bags or even crawl in out of the trees outside in cold or hot weather looking for food and shelter. You can sprinkle boric acid in the area that you have seen a roach in so that they will eat it and die quickly. Boric acid isn’t poisonous to kids, plants, or animals. However, it is still best to call your local exterminator to try and find the source of the problem.


Though these are common pests that you don’t hear that much about, it is possible for them to be under your sinks if you have a leak. They love wet places and especially places that are water damaged. Rosemary can keep them away, but an exterminator is needed to take care of the problem when they are discovered.


Seeing a spider scurrying under the wall of your home is awful enough, seeing quite a few of them in a few days’ time is even worse. While spiders do a lot to help keep bugs out of your home, and they have other benefits to the environment, a spider infestation cannot only give you the creeps but can be dangerous to the health of your family as well. If you suspect you have an infestation of spiders, calling in pest control is your best option.

To keep an infestation from happening, make sure to clean surfaces with vinegar, as they are rumored not to like the smell. Also, make sure to keep your home uncluttered and to vacuum and dust on a regular basis, especially in dark corners and the tops of curtains.


If summer right around the corner, the ant population will be on the rise. Having a reputable exterminator will help of course, but you also need to take some preventive measures of your own. Make sure to keep dishes clean and never to leave sticky messes on your counters or floors. If the ants have nothing to eat, they will move on to the family next door in short order.

These are just a few of the common pests that you might see in your home, especially as the weather starts to warm up.

If you are searching for reputable pest control, make sure to reach out to the professionals at All About Ants. They are standing by to help you with all of your pest control problems.

Top 5 Myths About Rodents You Might Want to Know

If you need professional pest control in Portland, Oregon, All About Ants can help you with insects, rodents, and other pests. If you would rather try and get rid of rodents on your own first, here are some common myths that can help you catch those pests for good.

  • Cheese is good bait for traps: While cheese can be used for bait, it is not the best solution for traps. Mice prefer peanut butter and meat, so professional pest control companies tend to use these to catch rodents. Mice get their water through food, particularly in warmer climates, so almost any food can be used.
  • Cats and dogs can help keep rodents out: Many people assume that if they have dogs and cats, rodents will not enter their home. While cats will certainly chase rodents in between naps, these uninvited guests can quickly travel in spaces that cats can’t get to. The allure of food is enough for rodents to enter your home, even if you have large pets.
  • There are effective home remedy solutions: A common myth is that a homemade concoction using simple household products is enough to get rid of rodents. The fact is, mice and rats are determined creatures and are built for survival. Usually, more aggressive methods are required to get rid of them. Pest control companies, like All About Ants in Portland, Oregon, use methods like live traps and other proven methods.
  • The biggest problem is that rodents chew things: While it’s true that rodents can chew on furniture and other things in your home, it’s not what should cause the biggest concern for you and your family. The worst part about rodent infestations is that they can easily spread disease through their feces and urine, which can contaminate food.
  • Rodent infestations only occur in poor sanitation settings: Leaving food left lying around, and unclean conditions can contribute to an infestation. It’s wrong to assume, though, just because your home or business is clean that it is immune to rodents. They can squeeze through even the smallest of holes, and can live off of very little food. Never leave pet food outside or leave bins uncovered, because rodents will rip them open to have access to the food. Also, be sure to store things like cereal, crackers, and other pantry items in sealed containers so they can’t be opened If you discover you have a rodent problem, get rid of all opened boxes and containers of food to avoid the risk of health issues.

If you have tried getting rid of your rodent problem on your own to no avail, you can contact a pest control company in Portland, Oregon to help you. A skilled and experienced technician will visit your home or office, help to identify the problem and work to eradicate the rodents for good. They will also look for cracks or openings where they are getting in, and seal them. Using a professional company can save you time, money and endless aggravation. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your home or office is free of unwanted guests.

All About Ants is a full-service pest control company that can help you get rid of rodents, insects and other pests from your home. Visit the website today for more information.

Top 5 Myths About Spiders

Spiders are not considered welcome guests in most people’s homes; in fact, they can make even the toughest of men run for cover. Pest control in Portland, Oregon, such as All About Ants, can help eradicate these scary creatures from your home and garage. The next time you run screaming from the room when you see one, consider these spider myths:

  • Spiders are insects: Spiders are not insects and in fact belong to two entirely different classes. Spiders are as far removed from insects as fish are from birds. Insects have three pairs of legs while spiders have four; insects have three body parts while spiders have two. Understanding this distinction helps you purchase the right products – general insecticides may not be effective on spiders. All About Ants in Portland, Oregon use the right combination of products to rid your home of both insects and spiders.
  • Spiders bites are common: Have a rash, bump or bite on your arm or another part of your body? Chances are it wasn’t caused by a spider. The myth that spiders bite when you least expect it (like when you’re sleeping) have been circulating for decades, but this simply isn’t true. Spiders don’t feed on human blood, like mosquitos or ticks. If you discover a rash, bump or bite, have it checked by your health care provider; it could be a sign of a more serious condition.
  • Spiders are aggressive: Contrary to popular belief, spiders don’t bite humans just for the fun of it. They may bite if they are surprised or feel threatened, but for the most part, they are oblivious to us humans.
  • If you find a spider in your home, you should put it outside: You may think you’re kind by taking a spider from the bathroom sink and putting it in your garden. This is a bit like freeing a lion from a zoo and putting him into the wild. The chances of survival are slim to none. So what should you do? Either leave it alone or kill it with the nearest shoe; then seal any gaps and cracks in floorboards and walls to keep them out. All About Ants in Portland, Oregon can help identify the areas they are getting in.
  • Australia and Brazil have deadly spiders: While it’s true that these countries have creatures and wildlife that make the rest of the world shudder, coming across a deadly spider in these parts is not all that common. Australia’s venomous spiders include the redback spider and the Sydney funnel-web spider. Further, if you do get bit by one, it’s likely not going to cause death. Brazil is known for their ‘wandering spiders’ including Phoneutria fera, P. nigriventer, and P. keyserlingi. None of these bites have ever caused death in humans.

Spiders may not be aggressive or bite for no reason, but the fact remains they are an unpleasant addition to any home. Luckily, pest control companies like All About Ants in Portland, Oregon can help keep spiders away from your home, and get rid of any that have made their way in.

All About Ants can help you get rid of spiders, ants and other insects from your home. Visit the website for more information.