Top Pest Control Tips for Summer

For most people, summer means practically moving outdoors; the weather is nicer, you can crank up the barbecue every day, and just generally enjoy life. However, with summer comes more pest problems. Especially when it comes to ants. So, here are some great tips to help you prepare, and control, those pesky bugs.

When it Comes to Ants

All ants love food, and will find even the smallest hint of it if given the chance. Fire ants, however, love food and the sun, making them an even bigger problem. One of the easiest ways to keep ants from coming to bother you while you enjoy your outdoor time is to make sure you clean up any food messes immediately and dispose of them away from the area you are sitting and eating. You also want to keep your food in tightly sealed containers, so that n ants or other bugs can get into them. Also, make sure that any cans and bottles are rinsed out before you place them into your recycling bin, as this will eliminate the possibility of the bugs getting into it. In summer, it is far easier to prevent ants then to try removing an infestation.

Mosquitoes That Drive Everyone Crazy

Mosquitoes are annoying for multiple reasons, but mostly because they bite, and make you itch like crazy. They can also be dangerous, however, and carry diseases, including the West Nile Virus, which is something the CDC has been warning the public against for well over a decade. If you want to do some at-home pest control, before your parties or hanging out outside, take some time to spray an EPA-approved insect repellent, and have some available for reapplication if needed throughout your time outside. Be warned that most mosquitoes bite more around dawn and dusk; so be careful when going out at these times. If possible, consider wearing longer clothing, to cover your skin more and prevent access.

Those Things That Sting!

Bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are all creatures you want to be especially aware of during the summer. Many have severe allergic reactions to these insects, which can cause many problems. But, you should never try dealing with these problems on your own- especially if there is a nest in your property. If you find a nest, leave it alone and immediately call professionals. While a pest control service may not provide the necessary service, they can at least point you in the right direct. Antworks Pest Control in Portland, Oregon is one such place to get into contact with. They can help with yellow jackets and hornets, and provide further recommendations.

Beware of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a growing problem in the United States. They may not necessarily be a summer bug problem on their own, but due to the amount of traveling that happens in the season, they can easily become one. The easiest way to prevent them is to be cautious of the places that you stay- inspect hotel rooms and make sure they are not in your luggage. You should also make sure to regularly inspect your bedroom, to ensure they are not there. If you are unsure entirely of what to look for, consider calling in an expert such as Antworks Pest Control. You can check out their site at AllAboutAnts for information on how to contact them, and how they treat bed bug problems.

Summer is full of bugs, but they do not have to bother you so much. Take the proper precautions and follow these tips, and your summer will stay fun and carefree. If you are interested in learning more, check out AllAboutAnts, and contact the crew and Antworks for more pest control information.


Are you Making These Ant Removal Mistakes?

Ants are annoying little things, and when they get into your home it can be infuriating. You have tried removing them yourself, but have seen no difference in the number of ants that are invading your home. This could be because you are making one of the common mistakes that are made by homeowners every day when it comes to ant removal. Check out this list to see if any of this sounds like things that you have done.

The Products You Are Using Are Not Safe

While this does not necessarily deal directly with pest control, it is still something a lot of homeowners do not take into consideration. The pesticides, repellents, and baits that many turn to for their task are actually extremely harmful to pets and families if touched incorrectly or accidentally ingested. If these are used, it is important to place them where young children or pets will not be able to reach, and that you follow the directions explicitly.

Not Looking At the Cause of the Problem

When it comes to pest control, some owners forget to do this fairly crucial step. When you do not look to see where the source of the problem is, then you are only going to remove ants temporarily until they return again. Take some time to carefully inspect the areas in your house where you have problems, and identify and gaps or cracks that may be allowing the pests to enter your home. Then, seal those off with a proper sealant to cut off future access. Once you have done this, you can start treating your existing problem.

Not Keeping Your House or Yard Clean

You should make sure that you are cleaning your home regularly so that there is no chance for the pest to find something that attracts them to your home. Some of the things that you can do is wash dirty dishes immediately, clean up any crumbs or food residue from your counters, and take out your trash often. These are just some of the things that can potentially attract bugs and other pests.

Being attracted to your home.

Your yard can also attract pests if not well maintained. When it comes to your yard, be sure to eliminate things such as standing water, trash, decaying foods, and dead animals as well should there be any. By eliminating these things, you will be able to lessen the likelihood of pests coming to you. You should also take care and keep any firewood from being too close to the foundation of your home by allowing a distance of 30-35 feet.

Not Researching and Baiting Properly

Before trying to take care of pest control or remove ants yourself, do some research. It sounds odd, but unless you can confirm the problem with absolute certainty, you may end up not treating it the right way. The more you know about what it is you are trying to bait, the better you can then treat the problem. You need to also be certain that your bait is placed in an area where the pest will actually frequent and, therefore, get caught.

When this seems like an overwhelming process, especially for busy professionals, your next best option is to hire the job out. AllAboutAnts is the website of Antworks, a pest control service based in Portland, Oregon that will gladly take care of the problem for you. They treat a wide range of pest problems, including ants.

Were you making any of these mistakes? Do not worry, you are not the only one to have done such a thing. If you would like more info, look online, your go visit the AllAboutAnts website for more information about pest control. Also, consider contacting the family owned and operated Antworks business for help with your pest problems.

How to Remove Ants Effectively

When it comes to defeating an ant invasion in your home, you want to do so quickly and effectively. There are multiple methods to help remove ants, from using poisonous baits to choosing a natural or homemade option. No matter what route you chose, you want to be sure to consult with multiple sites to ensure that the method you are considering will be effective for the ants you are finding.

The Homemade Option

Borax is great for your laundry, but it can also help you remove ants from your home. This is because, for ants, the Borax will act as a sort of poison. The trick, however, is to mix the borax with something sweet. Some recipes suggest jellies while others go more straightforward and just call for sugar. Another variation is whether you dissolve the mixture or not. Should you chose to dissolve the mix, just soak some cotton balls or paper towels in the mix and place them where the ants are seen more frequently. If you decide to leave the mix as a powder, scoop some into a bottle cap and do the same thing; place it where the ants are.

This will attract the ants and slowly kill them. It will be a little gross, but it is recommended to leave the mix there for a few days. Resist the urge to clean up the mess too quickly as well, as it can ruin the effectiveness of the mixture. Those that do not ingest the mix directly will take it back to the nest, slowly killing it off.

Buy Some Ant Bait

When you choose to buy ant bait, you have an overwhelming number of options: there are countless brands and types of baits. So, how exactly are you supposed to choose one? Part of it may depend on the type of ants you are dealing with, but also the severity of the problem. If you want to remove ants and do a more effective pest control, then your best option may be a combat bait or gel, which will kill the ants at the source. You can add to this method by having a spray that will kill on direct contact. Some brands are more effective than others, so be sure that you do your research before buying anything.

Call in the Professionals

When all else fails, or you just do not want to deal with it yourself, call in some professionals. Antworks Pest Control, based in Portland, Oregon, is a family owned pest control service. They provide a variety of services and, as their name implies, will remove ants as well. If you live in the Portland area and are experiencing a pest problem of virtually any type, give them a call for a quote. The best part of their service is that while it will kill all your pest problems, it will also be perfectly safe to be used around your family

Do not let ants annoy you or your family longer; start getting rid of them today! Whether you chose to handle it yourself or contact an exterminator like those at Antworks, be sure your problem is taken care of effectively. Also, make sure your home is protected from any future problems by sealing off any and all possible entry points. By doing these things you can ensure your home will be safe and pest free from now on.

Three Signs You Have a Major Ant Problem

Ants are likely the most common pest problem that homeowners can face. They are so small that they can slip through cracks that may be invisible to the human eye, and soon take over your home. But, how can you tell the difference between a small ant problem and a major one? Here are three signs that you could have a major problem on your hands when it comes to an ant infestation in your home.

  • Ants Are All Over the Food on Your Counters


Any pest control service will tell you that once you see ants on any food you keep uncovered on your countertop, then you have a problem. Just ask the group at AllAboutAnts, who are part of the Antworks Pest Control team in Portland, Oregon. Ants seek out food sources, and if you leave food on your counters uncovered, you are basically inviting them to move in. You may even find that they will get into your pantry, which only makes the problem even worse. In order to avoid this, keep food sealed tightly in containers, and practice proper storage.


  • You Notice Ants Randomly Around Your Home

Where there is one ant, there is likely many more. So do not just pass off as ants just coming in from when you were doing yard work. Consider every sighting a potential threat. Walk through your house and see if you see any other ants wandering around, as there likely are more, or at least, more coming. To prevent this, you will want to seal off any gaps and cracks in your doors and windows. This will make it harder for the infestation to continue to grow.


  • There is An Ant Next Outside on Your Property

When you notice an ant problem, you need to do some investigation. Take a walk through your front and back yard in an effort to find the colony where they are coming from. What you are looking for are small mounds of dirt with many ants around it. Do not be fooled by how small they are, however, as they are home to hundreds of ants.

It is not always recommended to remove these colonies as they are vital to the ecosystem. So before you do anything yourself, contact a pest control specialist who offers a service to remove ants. Antworks Pest Control is one of the many that do this. Contact them and explain the situation, and find out what they recommended.


When it comes to an ant invasion, you can easily try and take care of it yourself with store brought products or homemade remedies. But, a major ant problem may require a more technical hand to really eliminate the problem. So, let the group at Antworks handle it for you- call them for a quote today, and find your home ant-free again in no time. They may even be able to find those entrances you were unable to.