What if I Cannot Solve an Ant Problem on My Own?

There is little worse than trying to enjoy a meal, only to find a trail of ants crawling across the table to take it away from you. There are many times that you can take care of that problem on your own, however, many times it’s impossible to perform ant removal yourself, and you find that you need to call in a professional pest removal company to take care of your ant problem for you. Read on below for some concrete reasons that it’s best to call in the professionals when you first spot the problem.

Get them in One Fell Swoop

As with anything else in the world, there is power in numbers. Killing one or two ants at a time is truly going to do you little good. Instead, it’s best to call in the professionals and let them get the entire colony in one fell swoop.

Ants can get around Chemicals

Unlike many other insects, ants can work their way around chemicals and pesticides to get to food. A reputable exterminator will know how to stop that from happening by stopping ants in their tracks.

How Many Nests do, they have?

Even if you manage to find an ant nest and get rid of it, you still haven’t solved your problem completely. You never know how many nests the ants actually have at any given moment in your yard. A professional exterminator knows where to look for these ant nests and how to get rid of them for you.

No Two Ants are the Same

While you might think that an ant is just an ant, is just an ant, that isn’t true at all. There are many different species of ants and each has its own food preference, as well as feeding patterns and nesting tendencies. Since you can’t  be sure what type of species you are dealing with, then you can’t be sure that you are doing the right thing to eliminate them. Hiring the professionals will ensure that you know what species you are dealing with and that they are taken care of the right way.

Prevention is Key

It is just as important to prevent the ants from invading your home, as it is to take care of them when they do. You can prevent ants from invading your property by being sure that surfaces are clean, crumb and sugar free at all times. Ants are attracted to anything they can eat or drink, especially sugary sweetness. Preventing the ants from coming into your home is half the battle. The other half is making sure that you hire a reputable exterminator to take care of the problem as soon as you see you have an invasion.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should hire a professional to take care of your ant problem for you. From no two ants being the same to killing them all at one time, a professional knows a whole lot more about ant control than you ever could.


Simple Pest Control Tips

Whether it’s spring or the dead of winter, homeowners should always be sure that they are practicing proper pest control methods, in order to keep pests away from their homes, no matter the season. While hiring a reputable exterminator is important, it is also important to follow some simple pest control tips of your own as well. Read on below for a few of them.

Keep Garbage Sealed

When it comes to garbage, having an open trashcan in the kitchen is a bad idea. Ants, roaches, and any other manner of pests are attracted to anything that you throw away, whether it is a can you didn’t wash out or scraps you tossed in the trash to take out later. Make sure that you have a sealed trashcan in the kitchen and that you empty it nightly, in order to keep pests from moving in.

Keep All Surfaces Clean

It is very important to keep all surfaces clean and wiped down, if you don’t want a pest invasion on your hands. Storing food in sealed containers is also very important. Make sure to wipe down counters and clean up crumbs as soon as they are spilled.

Vacuum on a Regular Basis

Vacuuming is an important part of any cleaning routine. If you want to stop bugs from invading your home, then you will need to vacuum at least once a week.

Store Pet food

It is best to store pet food in airtight containers that pests cannot get into. When you feed your pets, make sure that you clean up any food or water that spills right away. Never give your pet scraps and just let them sit in the bowl. If they don’t eat them, dispose of them in a proper manner.

Check for Areas of Moisture

Moisture under sinks and bathtubs can be an open invitation for bugs to move in. Check routinely for any moisture or leaks in these areas and fix them quickly. You will also want to seal up any cracks, crevices, or holes in these areas as well.

Call the Professionals

To help prevent pests from invading your property, it’s important to have regular pest control visits, from a reputable exterminator. No two companies are the same, so make sure that you shop around, before you sign a contract with one. Prevention is much easier than getting rid of the pests once they have invaded your home. Once you have bugs in your home, it takes a lot to get rid of them and sometimes it never happens. Regular exterminations and inspections can make all the difference in the world.

These are just a few simple pest control tips that you can follow, in order to get rid of or prevent bugs from infesting your home. If you find an infestation in your home, the first thing you should do is call in the professionals to start taking care of the problem, then work on the tips above to keep the problem under control.

Tips for Keeping Ants Out of Your Kitchen

Ants, a four-letter word that every homeowner hates to hear, much less see running along their counters. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to keep the ants from invading your kitchen and going on a rampage through your home. Read on below for a few tips for keeping ants out of your kitchen.

Prevent them to Begin with

The best way to prevent ants from invading your kitchen is to prevent them from coming in to begin with. Making sure that you keep kitchen counters wiped down and floors swept and mopped in the kitchen will go a long way towards preventing the ants from wanting to come into your home to begin with.

Caulk Everything

It is a good idea to caulk all cracks, crevices, and holes that might be an entranceway to your kitchen. Not only will this deter the ants from coming in, it will also lower your energy bill if you do the windows and the doors.

Clean with Vinegar

There is something about vinegar that ants do not like, so cleaning your home with a mixture of half vinegar and half water will ensure that the ants find someone else’s kitchen to invade.

Use Coffee Grounds

Sprinkling used coffee grounds around the house on the outside and in the flower garden should have the ants running for cover, since they hate the smell.

Draw a Line

Dumping baby powder or drawing a line around the house with chalk can keep the ants at bay as well, since they do not like either one.

Call an Exterminator

Calling in the professionals to spray your home on a monthly basis can prevent the ants from getting out of hand. Remember, there is more than one species of ant in the world, and you have no idea which ones you are dealing with. If you do not have any idea of the type of ant you are fighting, then how do you know that you are doing the right thing to get rid of them? The professional pest control company you hire can identify the type of ant you have and ensure that the method being used to get rid of them is indeed the right one.

Do Your Research

When it comes to finding an exterminator, you will want to do your research and determine that the pest control company you are hiring is well-respected, well known, and well liked in your community. Make sure to talk to people before you make a final decision, and no two pest control professionals are the same. Taking your time and choosing the right one is important to your health and the state of your bug invasion.

These are just a few tips for keeping the ants away from your kitchen. From doing your research on pest control professionals to preventing them to begin with, these tips will help your kitchen be ant free in no time at all.


How to Hire a Pest Control Specialist

You get up in the middle of the night, walk into your kitchen for a glass of water, and see something scurrying along the counter out of the corner of your eye. On closer inspection, you find a trail of ants from the counter to the window over the kitchen sink. Now, is the time to call in the pest control specialist for ant removal, before the problem gets too big to handle. Read on below for some tips on how to find the right ant exterminator to meet your needs.

Set a Budget

The first thing you will want to do is set a budget that your household can live with. Remember, no two pest control companies are the same, so no two pest control companies are going to charge the same to spray your home. Setting up a budget, ensures that you can call around to the different pest control companies and eliminate the ones that are not within your budget right away.

Do Your Research

The best way to find a pest control company, just like with any service in the world today is by word of mouth. Talk to your family, friends, and often, even coworkers to help you determine who the best and most respected exterminator is in your neighborhood. Once you have gotten together at least three to four recommendations, you will want to visit the websites of each of the companies you are considering.

Check References and Read Reviews

After you find a couple of companies that you want to consider, call to get a quote on a price. If at all possible, you should ask for the names and numbers of two or three current and past clients. Call these clients and ask how well they liked the service and if they would hire the pest control company again. Read reviews online as well, to be sure that the company is legit.

Physical Address and Landline

The one thing you never want to do is hire a pest control company that has no physical address and only has a cell phone for you to get in contact with them. If a company has no physical address or a landline phone, then you cannot get in touch with them should something not be right after they spray. If they cannot give you these things, then it is best to move on down the list and find another company.

Check for a License

In most states, it is necessary for a pest control company to have a license to spray homes. Make sure that you check for that license, as the agent not knowing what they are doing can lead to problems and can even prove fatal.

These are just a few tips for how to hire a pest control company to take care of all of your pest control needs. Your best bet is to hire someone quickly, however, it is important to do your research as well.