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Just this past weekend, many of the mattress stores in town were hosting President’s Day sales on new mattress sets. For those actually in the search for a new mattress, the endeavor can prove daunting. How can all these stores seem to be basically selling the same sets, and why are there so many different options of padding material? Furthermore, when you tell a salesman you’re only looking to pay “around five hundred,” the hearty laugh and lackadaisical service you receive can prove disheartening. After three or four stores, you might start to wonder if purchasing a refurbished mattress is really so bad. Is it really any different than sleeping on a hotel mattress? What are the chances of actually bringing home a used mattress that has bed bugs? But though a lack of cash or desire to deal with salesmen might make a two hundred dollar mattress on Craigslist start to seem attractive, there are legitimate risks of bringing in pests and health concerns when you buy a mattress used, making buying a mattress new worth the hassle.

Mattresses can act as giant sponges that slowly absorb moisture from the environment and bodily fluids and oils excreted from people as they sleep. In just 10 years, a mattress can pick up three thousand liters of perspiration alone. This is not only an “ick” factor, but breeds the perfect environment for bugs, germs and mold.

Fleas are a menace. Not only do they leave irritating bites and are a health risk to your pets, but they are also tenacious. Flea eggs can lay dormant in a mattress for several months before infesting your home. Effective removal often requires hiring pest control and issuing several treatments because dormant flea eggs can continue to cause reinfestation.

Bed Bugs
This is the biggest reason as to why people are generally advised to purchase a mattress new. Bedbugs are incredibly adept at hiding within the materials of a used mattress, and can aggravate allergies. Furthermore, they are highly resilient to insecticides, making most home remedies ineffective. Bed bugs will most likely require an outside pest control company to come into your home and exterminate the infestation.

Though there may not be any live roaches visible, roaches can lay eggs within the mattress, leading to an infestation in your home. Again, this will necessitate the need for pest control to remove the infestation.

General Safety
Mattresses experience fatigue and wear on their padding and springs over time, which can lead to poor back support and pain. Furthermore, mattresses made before 2007 can potentially cause a fire risk.

So when it comes to buying a new mattress, save yourself from the risks of pests and harm, and buy new. Even if you find a Craigslist mattress that is incredibly affordable and listed as “hardly used,” there is little chance that that used mattress is going to receive the commercial de-sanitation and inspection necessary to truly deem the mattress safe and free of pests. Even when buying from a store, dishonest retailers will sometimes ignore federal requirements and ticket a used mattress as properly treated. It is recommended that when searching for a new mattress, that you check the tags for “all-new materials.” Buying a mattress new, even when the hassle of dealing with salesmen might feel stressful, will ensure your safety and prevent the chances of needing to hire pest control. However, if you do purchase a used mattress and find yourself struggling with a nasty infestation of bed bugs or fleas, make sure to choose Antworks to handle your pest control needs in Vancouver, WA.

Valentine’s Day Pest Free | Vancouver Pest Removal Services

Just imagine the following scenario.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you have everything all set to have a romantic night in. Sitting on the TV stand are some romantic-comedy films such as When Harry Met Sally, Just Friends, and P.S. I Love You. From the kitchen lingers in the delicious smell of chicken parmesan baking in the oven. Your date enters your apartment, delighted by the sights and smells of the place, and takes a seat at the dinner table. You pull the chicken out of the oven and go to set it on the table. Just as you are about to set the plate down…a cockroach suddenly scurries across. In your shock and disgust, you accidentally fling the marinara-slathered chicken all over yourself, the table, and onto the floor. Embarrassed, you apologize to your date while your date stares back at you, unimpressed.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t let house pests ruin your night. With the holiday approaching in less than two weeks, there are few things less romantic than unexpectedly coming across cockroaches or other house pests. Even if what you’re planning is a get-together with friends rather than a romantic evening with a significant other, house pests can be a serious mood-killer and embarrass you in front of company. Don’t let cockroaches and other pests in your home make you look like a schmuck.

If you suspect that you might have a potential cockroach infestation, give Antworks a call and request their pest removal services. Antworks provides excellent pest removal services for many different house pests including ants, termites, rodents, and cockroaches.

Here are some signs that might indicate that you have a cockroach infestation in your home or business:

-finding cockroaches in dark, moist areas, such as behind appliances and under floor mats
-visible cockroach feces that resemble coffee grounds or black pepper
-an unpleasant smell with a strong oily or musty odor present
-finding bodies of dead cockroaches in your residence
-seeing oval-shaped egg cases, sometimes visible behind furniture and in other semi-hidden locations

Upon contacting and setting up an appointment, your local Antworks will send someone out to assess the premises and identify if you do in fact have a cockroach infestation. If it is found that your home is infested, Antworks will then go about the extensive preparation process necessary to remove the cockroach infestation, utilizing baits and non-repellant materials. Cracks and crevices will be addressed as they generally need the most attention, often being a favorite entry point and hiding place for cockroaches. And because cockroaches can be particularly tenacious to extermination, a follow up appointment will be necessary to ensure that reinfestation has not occurred. Along with ensuring that your cockroach infestation is exterminated, you can also rest assure that the pest removal services you receive from Antworks will include the best green methods and products that are effective, work great, and are environmentally sound.
Cockroaches can be particularly persistent little pests, and will often proliferate and spread quickly if not dealt with as soon as is possible. That is why if you think you might have an infestation, call your local Antworks and request their pest removal services as soon as possible.

So for this Valentine’s Day, keep your night cockroach-free, romantic if that’s what you’re hoping for, and call Antworks if you have an infestation or have questions about a potential infestation. Let the professionals at Antworks handle your Vancouver pest removal services.

The only place a cockroach should have during Valentine’s Day is if you’re planning on helping the San Francisco Zoo in a good cause by sending a cockroach valentine.