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An ant infestation in your home can be very troublesome. You never know when a stream of them will march through your kitchen or other living spaces. Ants can get in from the outside through the smallest of openings. If you block off one entrance, the ants will likely find another. Unless you know where the nest is, it is very difficult to control their access. When you feel like ants are taking over your house and your ant problem is getting out of hand, you need to call in a professional service….Antworks Pest Control Tacoma… to eradicate them.

Antworks Pest Control is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Angies List and is locally, family owned and operated.

The company website at has extensive information on the services that they provide. If you want to know their approach in tackling the ant problems, you can read more about that on their website. There is information on the methods and materials that they use.

The explanation on the particular exterminating agent that they use on ants is very informative. It is helpful that a company takes so much time in educating the public about ant control. It gives customers more options that they can consider. The more information that a potential customer gets, the more able he is in making an informed decision on the pest control company that he should use.

One sign of an honest company is that it encourage you to leave reviews on their services. On the website, there is a page with links to popular review sites where customers can freely go to leave a review on the company. Only a business who is confident in its ability to offer excellent service to its customers would be brave enough to do this.

There is also a page for customer testimonials where you can read about the good works that the company has done for its customers. That gives you an idea on how satisfied the company’s clients are.

The website also has a number of blog posts on ant infestation removal. It has helpful tips for the homeowner on how to fortify the home against ant invasions. The fact is, there are many things that a homeowner can do to discourage ants from coming inside the house. A few examples are caulking gaps around the window sills, vacuuming and cleaning the floor often so no food debris will attract the pests.

These and other practical tips that the company provides are very helpful to the homeowner in maintaining a pest-free house. Of course, there will be times when an infestation will happen anyway. In that case, it is comforting to know that there is a reliable company like Antworks Pest Control Tacoma who can be there when you need them.

Ant Infestation Removal | Pest Control in Tacoma WA

Getting rid of an ant infestation is never a lot of fun, although it is a process that isn’t nearly as hard as many people believe. While ants aren’t nearly as bad as some other infestations, and they are even helpful in getting rid of pests like fleas or bedbugs, but you still don’t want to deal with them swarming all over your home. The good news is there are actually multiple ways to take care of an ant infestation.

The first step is to fix whatever is attracting ants in the first place and to make your home less appealing to them. If you have loose window sills or loose frames in windows you don’t open, caulking them up can make sure that’s one less entry way ants can get through.

Look for any area where ants might be entering from. You want to address all of them. Look for doorways, cracks in the wall, anywhere where it seems like there’s an unusual number of ants getting into your home. You can use lines of salt or talc to help repel them. These substances are like the anti-sugar for ants, it repels them instead of attracts them. Baby powder and tailor’s chalk can also work, although many people swear salt is the most effective.

Make sure to keep your floors clean of food. Vacuum, shampoo, and sweep. Remove any spills or any stickiness off of the floor. You don’t want anything to attract any new ones in.

The next step is to look for ants in your home and eliminate them. There are plenty of ant poisons that you can grab but a more natural solution is to spray them with lemon flavored or peppermint flavored water. Ants don’t react well to any of these. Vinegar is another popular choice that many people have found as an effective way to combat any potential ant issues.

As long as you don’t have small children the next step could be bait traps and poison spray. You always want to use these with caution and make sure not to breathe in the fumes or ingest any of it. Make sure to follow all the proper safety precautions so you don’t have any blowback.

Make sure after vacuuming that you also thoroughly clean your vacuum cleaner, using some vinegar with your water. You don’t want to accidentally give some resilient ants a hidden new home.

These steps are usually enough to handle any ant problem, but sometimes you just can’t locate the main nest and even through salt and vinegar they keep coming back. Don’t put up with that! There’s never any good reason to allow any infestation to hit you.

That’s the time you may have to hire professionals, like the ones at Antworks Pest Control. Professional exterminators will have the tools to go one step further and to take care of those pesky ant infestations in your home that just won’t go away.

When it comes to getting rid of an ant infestation, it’s okay to pull out the big guns!