What To Do When You See a Pavement Ant in Your Portland OR Home

Not all ants are the same. Some eat food from your home, others are scavengers looking for debris from your home to build a nest. Pavement ants come into your home looking for food. They usually (in natural situations) nest under stones or in the cracks of pavement, which is where they get their name. Pavement ants like to eat many types of human foods, but prefer greasy foods like meat. What is most interesting about these little buggers is that they leave trails to the food sources from their nests so they can find it again.

If you see a pavement ant what do you do? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

If you see one pavement ant (especially if it is a darker worker ant), you probably have many more where that came from. You can tell you have an infestation by looking for entry points yourself. These ants burrow into your cupboards and floors. When they do this they leave small piles of wood shavings. Often times this is the best indicator that you have a pavement ant problem.

Call for Help

While usually an ant is nothing to worry about from a danger perspective, they can cost you hundreds of dollars in damage if left unchecked. So is important to do something the first time you see a pavement ant. For most people, the most effective way to get rid of these ants is to call a professional pest control company, such as Antworks Pest Control services in Beaverton, Vancouver and Portland.

While it may seem like it would be cheaper to try and get rid of the pavement ants on your own, often times that is not the case. While you can buy ant spray and ant traps from the supermarket, these often only solve a local problem but not the infestation. As we said above, pavement ants leave a trail to their food sources from their nest.

A professional pest control company will locate the entry point of the ants, and seal it. They will then get rid of the ants that are in your home and eliminate their trail so they will be unable to find the same food sources. Ant sprays and ant traps will only kill a few ants, while ignoring the nest. This is the main reason why hiring a reputable ant pest control company will benefit you the most and over a long term period.

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How to Find A Reliable Pest Control Company in Portland OR

When your house is infested with ants, it can be easy to just ignore the problem for as long as possible, but that isn’t anywhere near the best solution. An infestation always starts with one ant, but quickly escalates into more and more until they are all over the place. The longer you let them go undeterred from entering your home, the more ants you will have to deal with. More than that however, the longer you wait to deal with the problem, the further into your home the ants will get.

Today we’re going to look at a few things you should do while trying to find the best Portland pest control company.

Get a List

The first step is to get a list of pest control companies that fit your needs. In the case of an ant infestation, finding companies that can specialize in exterminating ants is a good idea. In the Portland area you’ll have several to choose from.

Look for Reviews Online

The next, and most important, step is to check out the reputations of the companies on your list. You can do this by looking for online reviews. People love to review things online, and there are several websites dedicated to showcasing reviews of companies.

What you’re looking for here is the big picture. Every company is going to have a negative review or two, because there is no perfect company. You should be able to tell however if the reputation of the company is positive or negative based on the reviews you read. If you see a lot of negative reviewers that all claim to have had the same problems with a particular company, you should steer clear.

Antworks Pest Control provides expert pest and ant solutions. They have an extensive record of reviews online and can help you solve your ant pest problem!

Compare Prices

This is the second most important part of the process, as you have to take care of your ant problem without breaking the bank. This is also, often, the most difficult part because a lot of companies won’t just give you a quote over the phone. What you can do is ask them what similar situations costed other customers, and that should give you an idea of what the company charges.

A lot of companies charge by the hour, which makes it even easier to compare prices. Your goal here isn’t necessarily to find the cheapest company. Your goal is to find the best company for the best price. These companies compete on prices, so you should be able to get a respectable and reliable company at a decent value.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your goal is to get rid of the ants. For that you’ll most likely need a Portland pest control company. While finding the best company can be difficult, if you do your homework, you’ll likely be happy with your experience.

What To Do When You See an Ant In Your House | Pest Control Company

OMG! There’s an ant! While ants aren’t anything to be scared of from a danger point of view (spiders are much more scary), they are annoying little pests that (if left alone) can cost you hundreds of dollars. They can eat through insulation, wiring, and foodstuffs, which costs you money. So what do you do when you see an ant in your home? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.


Squash it. That is the most obvious thing to do, and the action that most people will leap to when they first see an ant (or a group of ants) in their house. But you should also take note of where you see it, and you should see if you can find out where it came from (look under the cupboard if that’s where you first noticed the infestation).

Your immediate goal is to find out if there are more of the little buggers around, and if so, where. If you can locate their point of ingress, you’ll be able to do a better job of ridding your home of them.


Next, try to get rid of the ants yourself. This is the best option if you can both find where the ants are coming in, and where they are building their nest. Use commercial (in-home) ant killing spray to attempt to get rid of them.

Often times, however, you’re going to be unable to fully rid your home of these little ants. A lot of times they are coming in in more than once place, or they’ve already spread throughout your home before you noticed the first one.

So what do you do then?

Call a Pest Control Company – Antworks Pest Control

This is the step many people have to take. While commercial ant killing spray works for a few ants, if you can’t find out where they are coming in, you’re just going to keep getting more and more ants. The best bet for you, then, is to call a pest control company. They will not only be able to get rid of the ants that are already in your home, but will be able to find where they are entering your house, and will be able to make sure no other ants can get in that way.

While this may seem like an expensive option for just a few ants, it can save you hundreds of dollars. If ants are left alone, they can eat through important parts of your home, which will cost money to repair. Add that to the fact that many ants can bite or irritate your skin, and you’re looking at what could be a very serious problem. So often times a pest control company is the most effective (and cost effective) way of getting rid of ants.

Signs Your House is Infested With Ants | Portland Pest Control

There is a difference between seeing an ant and having an ant infestation. Sometimes a single ant can be tracked in on your shoes or clothing after you’ve come in from outside. A single ant, often times, is just a single ant. But other times one ant is just a foreboding sign that there are many, many more located somewhere in your home. So how do you know when a single ant is a single ant, and when it is a sign of an ant infestation? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Seeing Your First Ant

The first sign of an infestation is seeing an ant, but really it is seeing a specific type of ant. Large (1/2 inch or so) black ants are called worker ants. If you see one, there is a good chance that there are more as they don’t often travel by themselves. These ants come out at night and usually look for food that has been left out. So if you notice that food has been gotten into, you might have an ant problem.


Frass is the detritus left behind by ants as they tunnel through the wood of your home’s exterior. It is often presented as saw dust or wood shavings. Ants are almost always cleaning their tunnels of these wood shavings, which they will then pile up outside of the hole. These wholes will be most visible underneath the kitchen sink or other cupboard areas.


If you see an ant by the front door, it is much more likely that it was tracked in on your shoes or clothing than if you see on in the kitchen. Ants feed on sweet items, and the kitchen is where they will most likely find them.

What To Do If Your Home is Infested by Ants

Once you determine that you have an ant infestation, what do you do about it? If you can find where the ants are getting in at, you can try to take care of the problem on your own, by sealing it up. But often times this will not work, as there is no single place where the ants are coming in at, but instead they have made many little tunnels and holes. You’re probably not going to catch them all, so closing one up won’t do very much good.

So the best option is to call a Portland pest control company, like Antworks Pest Control, so they can come into your home and root out all of the ants in one fell swoop. They will also be able to locate the ant’s entry point and make sure that the ants can’t come back.