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With the warmer conditions of summer and spring approaching, ants are often a common problem experienced by many households. There are various types of ants that can invade your house and then create nests in it. This post unfolds some well-known ants in household and also unfolds the best Ant Pest Control Company to call for help in Portland OR.

Quite often, homeowners opt for DIY methods of ant proofing their homes. There are wide varieties of these DIY methods that are in use by many households. However, nothing surpasses the Ant Pest Control Company in solving invasion of these little creatures. DIY solutions, in most cases, may be temporary and thus need frequent application to prevent or combatants in your house. Some people recommend spilling vinegar, soapy water, or using adhesive tape to prevent these ants. How many times will you apply these?

It is practically challenging to control these ants on your own apart from an Ant Pest Control Company. Otherwise, you will have to apply the DIY methods several times a week. With pest control specialists, you can have your home ant proofed for a long time because they use effective and proven solutions to do that. It is recommended to call Antworks Pest Control in Portland OR today to help you solve the problems of ants.

The other danger with some DIY solutions is that they can be harmful. There are some homeowners who use chemicals to combatants and sadly end up harming their health with the use of these chemicals.

Popular Types of ants that can invade your home

Fire Ants — these ants are characterized by their appearance with red heads, red thoraxes, and abdomen, which can be red or black in color. They like to have their nests in crawl spaces, between walls, in the carpets and many more places in your house. The outdoor nest is likely to be a heaped soil above the ground. You can also find them in turf in your home. With the help of the Ant Pest Control Company, you can solve them.

Black ants — these ants are characterized by their small size and black color. They are mostly found in the soil under various objects in outdoors. They can create their nests in walls and your carpets in your house. That said; call the professional Ant Pest Control Company to help you to ant proof your home. You cannot let these ants invade your house and interrupt you.

Regardless of the type of ants invading your house, they are commonly attracted by moisture surfaces and food sources in your home. All they want is food and water you have. That is why you may find them in abundance in your kitchen carpets and other areas. Nonetheless, Antworks Pest Control Company in Portland OR can help you resolve any ant pest issues.

Why an Ant Pest Control Company is Best Suited to Address an Ant Infestation

It is common to have ant infestations in homes since they provide a great source of food and shelter for ants. Most ants go into homes in search of food, water and shelter. Where they find this in abundance, they are most likely to settle in close proximity to your home or even within it. Common house ants are mostly harmless but become a nuisance and may be destructive when they grow in numbers. It is therefore important to ensure that you can prevent this by identifying and dealing with any infestations as early as possible an ant pest control company can help achieve this.

Common Types of House Ants

Some of the common types of ants that you can find around a domestic setting include fire ants, harvester ants and carpenter ants. Fire and harvester ants can be disturbing as they sting people as well as pets. In high numbers, these can cause a lot of havoc around the house. Carpenter ants on the other hand usually cause a lot of structural damage in a home’s structure. This is especially the case when they set up their nest within the home. It is important to note that ants only become pests when they infest your home and cause disturbances at which point you can call in an ant pest control company to address the infestation.

How an Ant Pest Control Company Typically Deals With an Infestation

Dealing with an infestation requires a lot of due care to avoid a recurrence. If you do not deal a fatal blow to the ants’ nest, they are bound to reemerge after a short period of time. First it is vital that you pin point the location of the ants nest. To locate the nest you can follow the trail left by foraging ants as they carry food back to the nest. After you have identified the nest you can choose different methods of killing the nest and the ants within it. An ant pest control company normally uses insecticide sprays and baits to resolve pest problems around homes.

Insecticide sprays have to be sprayed around and into the nest to make sure they penetrate the entire nest considering the complex structure of these nests.  Baits work in a different way; by carrying the baits laid by an ant pest control company into their nests, foraging ants play a vital role in poisoning their nests. Baits are placed around the common trails used by the ants where these ants carry them into their nests. Suitable baits can be selected depending on the severity of the infestation.

To comprehensively deal with an ant infestation it is important to identify which ants have populated your home so as to determine the best course of action to take. Contact Antworks for a professional opinion and ant identification. 

Destroy Carpenter Ants in Portland Oregon with Ease

Ants are a nuisance. Carpenter ants are more than a nuisance; they are severely infuriating. If they do not make a nest in your home, they will make one around it. Carpenter ants build their nests in moist wood. They are usually dull black and large in size. Read 3/8 to ½ inches in length. Granted, carpenter ants in Portland OR effortlessly infiltrate homes. Not to eat the wood but to get into the water sources and food. Here is an in-depth look on how to control carpenter ants.

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants in Portland OR in 3 Easy Steps

Find their nest – The first step to getting rid of these pests is to completely identify them, and then find their nest. You have to know what you are dealing with. It could be termites infesting your home and not carpenter ants in Portland OR. Remember: Carpenter ants do not feed but build their nest in wood. They are large and dull dark in color. They tend to walk in long trails. Reproductive ants have wings, while worker ants are wingless. And they have bent antennae’s.

Once you have clearly ascertained that you are dealing with carpenter ants, start trailing the ants to their nest. Carpenter ants in Portland OR are wont to crawl into doors, cabinets and spaces on walls. So, start from there. Set out bait nearby to make it even easier. Sugary bait will help you trail them into their nest. The best place to set bait is near a moist wood damage. Look for holes and slits in the wood. Look also for piles of light wood shavings. They should be close by.

Destroy the ant population – This is the second step. If the ants nest is difficult to reach or it is simply hidden away from you, use toxic bait method. This method will flush out and destroy the carpenter ants in Portland OR within 3 days. Slow acting bait is very effective. The idea is not to kill the ants instantly, but to let them take the bait and share it with the colony instead hence 3 day period bait. Buy toxic gel bait. Mix it with milk and sugar. Then set it near the nest and wait.

Last Step of Destroying Carpenter Ants in Portland OR

Within 3 days, the toxic bait will have poisoned the entire colony including the queen. Lastly, and this is the final step, prevent carpenter ants in Portland OR from making a comeback. How? Contact Antworks Pest Control. They have effective treatment options to keep carpenter ants at bay. Conversely, clean up your house, seal all the cracks, destroy breeding grounds and then clear out water leaks and crumbs.

How to Prevent Ants from Making Your Home Their Home | Portland Pest Control

Ants often get out of hand in warmer hands in residential buildings. However, you can help deter them from invading your home by taking some precautionary measures. There are certain attractions that lead to the invasion of ants into your house. Therefore, by dealing with those invasions you can prevent further invasion. For further help, you may call the Pest Control Company in Portland OR. This post gives you tips on how to prevent ants from making your home their home. Follow these tips to eliminate these pests in your home.

1). No damp areas should be left in your home

Ants are attracted to damp surfaces in your home. Therefore, it is better to avoid these surfaces at all costs to help deter ants from making nests on those areas. For example, if your walls are damp due to leaking pipes, deal with the pipes to prevent any further dampness because these ants will be attracted to the walls for nesting.

2). Cut or trim small trees closer to the house

Those small trees surrounding your house are exposing your house to ants. The ants like the turf, bushes, and small trees. That is where they like creating their nests. Because of the close proximity of your house to these small trees, these ants are highly to enter your house in search for foods and water. Obviously your house has foods that attract the ants. Stay out danger and cut those trees.

3). Cover the entrance of ants

Ants are most likely to get through the openings of your walls, windows, or doors. Therefore, it is advisory to seal those areas to deter ants from getting into your house. If there are cracks in your house, make sure you seal them. Adhesive tape can be used when necessary as well to seal those cracks. A Pest Control Company in Portland OR can further help deter these creatures.

4). Keep the food out of reach

One of the powerful attractions of these ants is food. Even if ants have their nests outside, they can enter your home in search for food. Those visible foods may cause infestations in your kitchen. Therefore, make sure to keep them out of reach every time after cooking. Do not leave any food particles lying on the floor because that can lead to ants entering your house. If you have existing ants out of control then call Pest Control Company in Portland OR to help you.

5). Call professionals for help

DIY solutions are not always effective especially when ants get out of hand during warmer months. If that happens, it is a good idea to call a reliable Pest Control Company in Portland OR. Antworks Pest Control Company in Portland is the best company to help you deter ants in your home. The company technicians know how to control ants in your home.