Why More than One Treatment May Be Needed to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home?

Do you notice that there are many ants around your house area? Usually ants live outdoor but there are also some times that they can invade a household due to some reasons. There are many reasons that triggered ants to invade a household. Common reason why ants invade you house it because ants are searching for foods. Since, houses may contain some foods which lead many ants to invade a household. Sweet foods and other kind of foods can attract ants to invade your house.  Ants invading your house may relatively cause you to experience some problems. Problems that may occur because of ant’s invasion to your house are listed below:

Ant bites are not deadly however it may cause some skin problems and irritation such as itchiness and redness of the skin. In case, there are ants inside your house and you have an infant in the house then you need to see to it that the child is protected against ant’s bite.

Invasion of ants in your house can definitely cause changes in the overall appearance of your house. There are also some times that ants can destroy some of your things inside the house.

Usually ants came to your house for your foods especially sweet foods. Since they came for it they will surely invade your food storage. You must see to it that all your foods are properly stored in the proper place that ants cannot invade.

 Believe it or not, most countries around the world are having some problems regarding invasion of ants in houses. Getting rid ants invasion is sometime hard to do. Some people even hire some people to get rid ants problems and ants invasion. Here are the methods that you can use to solve your ant problems and get rid ants from invading your house:

You can try the common home remedy to get rid invasion of ants. You can use Boric acid to control ants. Boric acid can be very good bait that you can sue to get rid ant problems.

You can use some pesticides to get rid ant problems and control the invasion of ants to your house. However, on using the some pesticides you need to be careful enough to avoid the occurrence of some problems.

Using the baiting program to get rid the invasion of ants in your house.

You can hire some pest management professional to get rid and control the invasion of ants in your house, such as Antworks Pest Control in Portland OR.

What if the Methods are not Effective to Get Rid Ants?

Yes, it is true sometime one treatment of method to get rid ant’s invasion in your house are not enough. You need to try two methods or more to totally get rid ant’s invasion in your house. Here are the reasons why sometimes one treatment or method is not enough to get rid ant’s invasion:

Short term Solution of Pesticides- Pesticides can get rid ant’s invasion but sometimes it is not effective because of its short term efficiency.

The Ant Trails- Once the pesticide loss its efficiency ants will follow the trail to go back to your house.

The Ant’s Nest- Sometimes one method is not enough to totally destroy the ant’s nests.

What Causes Ant Infestations?

The main reason why ants are entering homes is their search for food. The most logical solution to prevent their appearance is to keep your home clean. Those who want to protect themselves from ant infestations should especially take care about their kitchen and make sure that it is cleaned regularly. However, in some cases ants start entering our homes even though we are taking good care about the hygiene. This can be a huge problem and in most cases it is difficult to solve it. These tiny insects are real workers and they are ready to do everything they can in order to achieve their goals – to find food. Ants can easily enter the smallest holes in your apartment or house and build their colonies/nests there. This is the start of a real invasion on your home. They use these colonies to begin their quests for food. We can often see these colonies outside the places where we live and there is nothing wrong about these colonies because ants are part of our eco-system. But when they start to build colonies inside our homes and try to live with us and that’s when the real problems begin.

Ant infestations can be divided in two types – exterior infestations and interior infestations. Although the main reason for the appearance of both types of infestation is the ants’ attempt to find food they can be treated differently and they differently affect our everyday lives. 

In case of an interior infestation, we are talking about ants that are building their colonies/nests inside the home. As we have mentioned before ants are looking for small holes or any discrete space that they find suitable to build their nest – for example small cracks in the wall can give them access to large areas behind the wall, places behind door frames, behind pieces of furniture that we don’t move frequently etc. This type of infestation can be very serious, because besides their constant presence in our homes they can also produce significant damage to our home by using wood and other materials that are necessary to build a stable nest. If they are not eliminated on time, these nests can constantly grow and cause even more damage.

Exterior infestations are not that serious but they can still cause trouble. In this case, ants are building their colonies out of the home and they are usually located in the ground. You can easily spot their presence by finding an anthill. Exterior infestations can be easily tracked because ants create a trail that leads from your home back to their colony. Ants can also be found under porches, piles of wood (especially if the wood is wet) and many other places.

There are many ways to prevent ant infestations. First of all, keep your house clean and keep your food locked. Find small holes and cracks in the walls and plug them. If you see only one ant in your home it means that it is there to observe the terrain. 

However once infestation begins, the best thing to do is to call a professional ant control service which can help you eliminate ants and prevent their appearance in the near future. 

All About Ants – Control, Identification and Facts

Ants (family Formicidae) belong to the order Hymenoptera. They are usually 0.08 inches to 0.3 inches long, but there are some species that can grow up to 0.8 inches. There black, brown and red ants as well as ones with wings and without wings. Ants are so fascinating that there is whole science dedicated for their studying called Myrmecology.  

What is interesting about ants is that they are social insects – they live in large colonies or groups. There are three different types of ants in each of those colonies/groups: the queen, sterile female workers and males. Furthermore, those works can be divided in two groups: regular workers and soldiers. 

Ants have existed for more than 100 million years on our planet and they can be found on almost every corner of our planet. According to some experts there are more than 12.000 different ant species and that’s why they are sometimes referred to as the most successful specie in the world. The situation in USA is no different and there are hundreds of ant species that live here and some of the most common species include – Pavement ants, fire ants, Pharaoh ants and Argentine ants.

They live in dead trees, underground or they build mounds by applying different solid elements. When we talk about nature and ants’ contribution to the stability of the nature they are very useful insects. For example, they participate in the transportation of different types of seed and they actively fight against forest and agricultural pests. But sometimes these insects can be located near or inside residential objects. In these situations they can be very harmful and potentially dangerous. For example, the Pharaoh Ant (Monomorium pharaonis) can produce a lot of damage to medical equipment if it reaches some hospital and it can also transfer various diseases. 

Different types of ants can cause different damages. Some of them can cause material damage to power cables, electronics while others can destroy wooden items (fences etc.). Ants can be easily spotted when they enter a house or an apartment because they linger near food and water sources. They are especially fond of food rich in sugar and proteins. Ants often move on surface that is dirty and there is a high chance of transmission of infectious agents. Their bite can cause anaphylactic shock in people that are allergic to formic acid. Even if they don’t reach the house, they can ruin the garden by consuming the plants. 

A lot of people use insecticidal sprays against ants but these sprays can actually worsen the situation. They just make the ants avoid the areas that are sprayed but they always find another way to reach the food and water sources. Ants have strong jaws and even if the whole area is sprayed they can eat through materials to reach their destination.

This is the reason why you need professional help in dealing with ants. If you are living in Portland, Oregon feel free to call our pest control company and we’ll be glad to solve your ant problem.

Signs You Have a Carpenter Ant Infestation | Portland OR

Carpenter ants can be very harmful to a home or building. When Carpenter ants find a home inside the wood of your own home, they can be capable of producing a lot of damage. This is especially the case if you leave the areas untreated. (Professional pest control companies, such as Antworks in Portland OR, can help you solve your ant infestation easily. Click here to contact them today.)

There are several signs that you may have a Carpenter ant infestation in your Portland OR home. The most obvious sign is when you visually see Carpenter ants building or foraging food in a long trail. This long trail typically stretches from the food source and straight to their ant nest. 

When you follow this ant trail, you may be lead to an opening. If the infestation has been going on for a while, there may be piles of wood shavings found beneath the wooden items. There can also be noises coming from within the ceiling, walls or areas near the nest. 

Sometimes, what looks like a termite infestation may actually be a Carpenter Ant Infestation. Since termites eat wood, when you see the piles of wood shavings, you may actually think you have a termite infestation. Ants do not gain any nutritional value from wood. They merely damage the wood in order to create their nesting area.

Antworks Pest Control Company in Portland OR can help you determine if you have an ant infestation and provide solutions for the pest control you need. Contact them today for more information.