Merry Christmas From Antworks Portland Pest Control

Merry Christmas from all of us at Antworks Pest Control

We hope that you are all pest free, warm, and surrounded by loved ones.

May 2014 be the best year ever for all of our Portland, Vancouver area friends!

Crazy Ant Invasion

           There’s a Reason They Call Them ‘Crazy Ants’


Published: December 5, 2013

The first time Mike the Hog-a-Nator noticed the ants, they were piled outside his cardiologist’s office. This was two summers ago, in Pearland, a suburb of Houston. There was a forbidding, fibrous heap of dead ants on either side of the building’s double doors, each a couple of feet long. And there were also legions of living ants shuffling over the dead ones — though Mike the Hog-a-Nator had to bend down to see these. Otherwise, so many individual ants were moving so chaotically, and so fast, that the entire reddish-brown tangle at his feet looked as if it were shimmering. Mike the Hog-a-Nator remembers thinking: What the world? Then he went inside for his weekly appointment.

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Americas Pest Problem

America’s Pest Problem: It’s Time to Cull the Herd

By David Von Drehle Monday, Dec. 09, 2013

After nearly wiping out many wildlife species 50 years ago, Americans are once again living close–sometimes uncomfortably so–to all kinds of feral creatures. Why wildlife in the U.S. needs stronger management.

For the full story…..,9171,2158676,00.html