Fall Pests In the Pacific Northwest

It’s That Time of Year Again

The temps are falling…especially at night. Leaves are changing colors and falling. The Portland, Vancouver area sure is beautiful this time of year. I just love these clear, sunny, Fall days we have been having lately.

So do Boxelder Bugs!

Boxelder Bugs are smallish dark grey beetles with a pretty orange markings. They don’t bite, aren’t wood destroyers, they don’t even get into your food. But if you have experienced Boxelder Bugs…you know they can be a real nuisance.

When boxelder beetles decide they like your house….they will show up in the Spring or the Fall….on sunny days. They love south and west facing walls. They can show up by the thousands.

Boxelder bugs will return year after year.

If left untreated they can linger for weeks…..getting inside your house through cracks and crevices, around windows, etc.

It’s best to treat this pest on sunny days when they are invading in full force.

If Boxelder Beetles are sunning themselves on your house and you want their tanning session cut short…..

Call Antworks Pest Control……we will fit you in right away and we guarantee our work.

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This Hornet Will Be the Last Thing You See Before You Die

Caity Weaver – Wasps – 9/30/13

It’s no secret that Earth has got a lot of problems and, if you live here, you already know that I am talking about wasps. There are so many wasps here. Each one is a problem. According to recent reports out of China, 21 people have died as a result of wasp stings over the past three months in the province of Shaanxi alone. It might be time to just pack up our bags and return to the moons we came from. Might be time to turn Earth over to the wasps.

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