The 5 Most Insane Methods of Pest Control Ever


Getting a job as an exterminator is probably the only professional venue left for the person who excels at wiping out Mother Nature’s precious little children (or at least the last one that doesn’t violate some kind of international treaty). But while you may technically be snuffing out millions of lives every day, your flagging murderection says that the reality of the profession is actually pretty boring. Well, no longer! We give you …

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Spider Venom to Target Insect Pests

University of Queensland (UQ) researchers have found a natural component of Australian tarantula venom that is more potent against certain insect pests than existing chemical insecticides.


Back to School

The Kids are Back in School…..

Does that mean all the little pests are gone? Just kidding…..

Actually….as we approach Fall and Winter… there is still plenty of time before it gets too cold outside….to have that ant treatment done.

We have found that as the temperatures outside get colder the ants tend to hunker down inside. Not only that…when the temperature drops….the most effective materials available for ants tend to harden, become less sticky…making it more difficult for the few ants still foraging to pick it up and take back to the nest. It’s just not ideal to wait until it’s the dead of Winter.

Temps are still warm….if you have ants pestering you while the kids are in school….Now is the ideal time to Call US at (855)ANTWORK….get a free quote!