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Dr. Eleanors Book of Common Ants

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Dr. Eleanor is an entomologist with a knack for telling good stories, especially about the secret lives of her favorite insects: the ANTS! In this new guide to the common ants of North America, Dr. Eleanor delights readers young and old with tales of our tiny insect neighbors. Her stories of the heroes and villains that tiptoe around us are brought to life in this interactive new eBook by the vibrant photographs of Alex Wild.

Funding for Dr. Eleanor’s Book of Common Ants has been generously provided by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and the National Science Foundation.

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Ants Vancouver

Innovative New Nanotechnology Stops Bed Bugs in Their Tracks — Literally

May 30, 2013 — Bed bugs now need to watch their step. Researchers at Stony Brook University have developed a safe, non-chemical resource that literally stops bed bugs in their tracks. This innovative new technology acts as a human-made web consisting of microfibers 50 times thinner than a human hair which entangle and trap bed bugs and other insects. This patent-pending technology is being commercialized by Fibertrap, a private company that employs non-toxic pest control methods.

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Nervously Checking Hotel Rooms for Bedbugs

How to avoid bringing home a nasty souvenir — bedbugs — from a trip.

I confess. I’m one of those people who has become neurotic about bedbugs while traveling. I check every hotel room to make sure I’m not sharing it with unwanted insect guests who will hitchhike home on my suitcase or clothing and raise havoc.

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After July 4th Yellow Jackets Become a Big Problem in the Portland Area

Un-bee-lievable: Wasp nest is larger than man

See an insect expert in Florida face the largest yellow jacket nest he’s ever seen, measuring over six and a half feet tall and nearly eight feet wide.

WFLA’s Jeff Patterson

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