Conducive Conditions for Portland Pest Infestation

Conditions that Lead to Pest Infestation

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Ok…the illustration above is a little over the top as far as a conducive condition but……hopefully you get the point!

Conducive conditions are….. conditions inside or outside of your structure that make pests want to move in and not go away.

One obvious conducive condition for insects is vegetation to siding or roof contact.

Other conditions include moisture related issues such as leaky pipes, over watering of your lawn or garden, garden too close to your foundation, too much moisture in your crawl space due to lack of ventilation, etc.

Unfortunately some conducive conditions are uncorrectable…such as environmental factors but most are correctable.

If you live in the Portland, Vancouver area and have a pest problem. Call us and we will not only apply our skills and materials to get rid of those pests….we will carefully inspect your home or office and inform you of any conducive conditions that you might have. Working together….we can keep you pest free longer.

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How Ant Slaves Overthrow Their Masters

Interesting Article on Ant Slaves

Don't exterminate enslaveYou can see the Article online at:

If you don’t want to enslave them…just get rid of ants…Call US!

Check This Out …Gross

You Getting Ready to Go on a Vacation?

You go to the airport, go through security. You get on that plane and then what happens?

Click the link and read this story….tell me you won’t think twice about it.

Unfortunately this could happen on a plane too…and not just with cockroaches…think about bedbugs and how they spread.

If you went on vacation and had a hitchhiker come home with you….We do hitchhiking pests too.

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Bugs Can Be Very Useful

Interesting Uses for Bugs

I was looking around on the internet today and found this interesting article.

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Sometimes it’s better not to get rid of ants!

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