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Ants on the March and Portland Pest Control

Less than two weeks and we get to change the clocks ahead.

I love this time of year because the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter.

Ants love this time of year too!

If you are seeing ant activity in your home for the first time…Don’t use over the counter sprays for your Portland Pest Control Solution!

Over the counter sprays will kill foragers immediately but the nest stays intact and can become stressed. When certain ant colonies become stressed…..they scramble and dig in deeper into the inner cavities of your home. They can also split into multiple nests…making your infestation worse.

I recommend for your Portland Pest Control solution…….If you have to use anything…use baits! Baits aren’t repellent ..they don’t kill quickly meaning it can give the forager a shot at sharing with it’s nest mates. If nothing else…baits shouldn’t make your ant problem worse.

Make sure the baits you use are attracting the ants…If you lay the bait down near some foragers…within minutes they should be all over it. Don’t disturb them…let them consume the bait and take it back. This can be a very slow process. When ever you see activity…make sure and put fresh bait down. Bait can harden and become un-attractive to the ants.

Baits can be effective in certain situations if you are diligent and patient.

If the baits aren’t working out…..Call US Toll Free at (855)ANTWORK

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Nice Ant Weather in Portland

Finally Some Beautiful Ant Weather in Portland

How are you liking this beautiful weather in the Portland, Vancouver area? Nice huh? Guess who else likes the warmer temps…..ANTS!

It’s looking like ant weather may be starting a little early this year. We are already getting carpenter ant calls.

Carpenter ants are of the larger size variety and can sometimes emerge with wings. If you are seeing carpenter ants inside your home…especially ones with wings….you very likely have a well established nest inside your home.

Just like termites…carpenter ants are wood destroyers. If left unchecked….Ant Weather Pest Control Portland Vancouver they can do significant damage to the structure of your home.

Carpenter ants are an important part of the environment……they help keep our forests healthy by helping break down sick trees but here in the Portland, Vancouver area….carpenter ants are a huge threat to our homes.

If you are seeing carpenter ants inside your home and want them gone…call us Toll Free at (855)ANTWORK.

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Valentines Day Ant Parade

Happy Valentines Day

Are ants disturbing your Valentines day celebrations?

Are they turning VD Day into Single Awareness Day?

Don’t Fret!

Got ants?
We’ve got answers!

To get rid of ants……Call Christina at Antworks Pest Control if you live in the Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver Area. We Guarantee our work…if the ants come back, we come back…No extra charge! No Contracts!

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Interesting Bedbug Article

Antworks Pest Control

Bedbug Infestations in Portland

Portland is no stranger to the bedbug… fact we are one of the top 50 cities most impacted by this pest. Ever since bedbugs came back on the radar screen a few years ago….we (in the pest management industry) have been scrambling to find an easier way to combat them. Bedbugs are especially challenging for a number of reasons.

1. They were almost completely eradicated by DDT decades ago… rushing to ban this material prematurely… it left the offspring of the survivors highly resistant to anything we have now.

2. Bedbugs are extremely small and excellent hiders. Treatments are labor and materials intensive and expensive to perform.

With all the new restrictions on what we can use and how we can use them….it’s nice to hear about a new weapon on the horizon to combat this pest…even if instead of calling your local pest control professional…you call your Doctor.

Check out this Excellent article below…..



Intersting Bedbug Article