Portland Pest Control in the Fall

Ok folks…Fall is approaching fast here in the Portland, Vancouver area. As the weather cools down…pests try to hunker down inside our homes where it’s warm. If you are seeing ants now…it is far better to take care of them before the weather really turns. There are a few reasons for this…

1. Once it falls below 50 degrees outside…the ants are pretty much only active inside. It does very little good treating outside because nothing will come in contact with your treatment…really limiting the overall effectiveness.

2. Even if there is activity outside…most insecticides harden when it’s cold. When it’s hard… ants walk right across treated areas and don’t pick up anything. If they don’t pick up the material…it can’t do it’s job!

3. Only treating inside limits your options on the materials that can be used safely. When ants have entrenched themselves inside cavities of your home…without x-ray vision…it’s really difficult to know for sure exactly where they are. Patience is key!

If you live in the Portland, Vancouver area and have ants and you want them gone…better to call us now than later. But call us because we guarantee our pest control work.

Pest Control Beaverton

There are plenty of good pest control companies in Washington county but if you have ants and you want them gone…guaranteed…call us! We specialize in getting rid of your ant problem. Our methods and materials are safe and effective. Our prices…competitive. We don’t lock you into a long term contract to guarantee our service. If you live in Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, King City, or Sherwood…Antworks Pest Control is your no hassle exterminator service.

Heat, Ant’s & Pest Control in the Portland, Vancouver Area

Ok folks…just a little important information about ants and high temperatures.

When the temps soar…most moisture evaporates and ants need moisture. If you have any dry rot, leaky pipes, extra moisture in your crawlspace, clogged gutters or downspouts, if you grow and water plants next to your siding, etc…these areas will collect and keep moisture…even when it’s hot! While it’s dry everywhere else…these areas call out to ants! They are looking to settle near areas of constant moisture.

Unless you can persuade these little buggers to pay rent …They aren’t worth the hassle.

Now is the time to inspect your crawlspace…is it completely dry? Are your crawlspace vents wide open? Are your pipes dripping? Any discolored timber in your sub-floor? Check your gutters…any debris? Moisture doesn’t evaporate completely under debris. Hows the paint on your siding? Pay special attention to the South or West facing walls…especially if these walls happen to be plumbing walls (kitchen or bathroom).

Just a few tips to help prevent ant infestations…Enjoy the heat!