Before & After All About Ants Pest Control | Portland Vancouver

Recent pictures “before” Ant treatment at home in Vancouver. These ants were all over the outside of the home…trailing up the siding and into the attic over the second floor. After some investigation we found out that the roof had been redone due to moisture issues.

Click on the picture for close up…as you can see these guys mean business. (Mandibles wide open and aiming up) These ants bite!

Antworks Pest Control Portland | Vancouver | Before

More pictures to come and come back for the “after” pictures in about a week.

Pest Control After The Wettest March In Portland | Vancouver History

It’s official…the wettest March on record! If you thought Pest Control for ants in the Portland, Vancouver area was a problem before…look out 2012.

When it gets really wet outside…the ants go inside but gravitate towards areas of moisture. To top it off…really wet weather tends to stress things like gutters and downspouts…creating moisture issues under the home. This can make your crawlspace an attractive place in the dryer months…especially if you don’t have adequate ventilation.

It’s very important to keep your home as dry as possible… pay attention to your gutters and downspouts. If you have alot of trees around your home they will drop debris on your roof and in your gutters…possibly clogging them. Also make sure your crawlspace has adequate ventilation. Open the vents NOW and keep them open until Thanksgiving.

Watch for areas of excessive standing water and inadequate drainage. We live in the Pacific Northwest…It rains here! We have to be vigilant or we will get invaders.

If you already have some of Portland’s littlest invaders and need guaranteed pest control…Call US!

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