Finally…Spring has Sprung…Ants in the Portland – Vancouver Area

With temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s…it’s pretty much a guarantee we will see lots of ant activity outside. That’s ok because ants are a necessary part of the environment. THAT’S RIGHT…I (AN EXTERMINATOR) JUST SAID PESTS ARE GOOD! They actually help break down matter which keeps our planet constantly recycling…We just don’t want them inside our homes or offices.

I have found it possible to keep the ants where they are best able to contribute to the circle of life and out of areas where they not only don’t help but become a problem to us. We do this by specifically targeting only areas where the ants find access to the structure and parts of the structure most attractive to them. We also don’t require numerous perimeter treatments to guarantee results…with the materials we use…it’s just not necessary.

If you want to keep ants out of your house without expensive monthly or quarterly treatments and would like to help keep the environment healthier…Let us handle your ant problem.

Portland, Vancouver Pest Control

Here we are almost half way through April and the high temperature today barely reached 50 degrees. Freezing level is supposed to be at around 1000 ft. tonight. No wonder the ants are hunkered down inside your kitchen and bathroom. Call Antworks Pest Control and cut us lose on your ant problem. With all that is going on in the world right now…why not let us Control this Pest for you. One less thing you have to worry about.

If ants are in your space and not paying rent…call us!

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Oregon and Washington Pest Control | Carpenter Ants

Over the years…ants have been a problem for many home-owners in Oregon and Washington. Spring 2011 has been no different than previous years. Although this has been a cool Spring so far…the ants don’t seem to have noticed. Odorous house ants have always been a big concern but this year Carpenter ants seem to be on the uptick. We have seen a significant increase in calls from new customers seeing larger ants with wings.

If you are seeing larger winged ants inside your home…you need to take it very seriously. Large winged ants are breeders. This means there is a well established carpenter ant nest nearby. It can take years under the right circumstances for a nest to start producing breeders…this means they may have been doing significant damage to your home. It is important to not only knock out the infestation but also figure out how and why they have chosen your home.

Just because you may see a flurry of winged ant activity and then the activity seems to diminish on its own…this is normal. Unless you have had a professional treatment done they are still doing damage.

We guarantee all of our Carpenter ant treatments without expensive long term contracts because we look at why they seem to be attracted to your home and make suggestions for permanent correction. We also only use the absolute best materials and employ the most effective methods for optimal long term results.

Our philosophy is if we can take care of your pest problem with a one time treatment…we are being truly green and protecting the environment and offering a better value.